Nintendo 'Wins' $12 Million From Pirate ROM Site Operators

The owners of now-defunct ROM sites and have agreed to a $12 million judgment in favor of Nintendo. The operators, a married couple, admit to both direct and indirect copyright and trademark infringement. Both parties requested the court to sign off on this unusual judgment, which will end their legal battle.

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PhoenixUp36d ago

I wish Virtual Console was still a thing on NS

drpepperdude36d ago

If rom sites actually damaged Nintendo they would have been out of business over a decade ago. I don't agree with the reasoning that it injured them.

sprinterboy36d ago

Totally agree, Rom sites hasn't aquated to NIN losing out on 12m.

Shiken36d ago

The bigger issue is that the site was generating ad revenue by providing IPs that were not theirs, and therefore illegally profiting from them.

It has nothing to do with "losses" that may have affected Nintendo in the past.

DarXyde36d ago

ROMs provide save states and often provide extra features such as MSAA, anistropic filtering, etc.

For free.

They can easily make the argument that it's cutting into their business model. Keep in mind that there is the VC and classic consoles.

I don't agree that they would have gone out of business. Their platforms now simply can't be practically emulated and their games are often must haves that don't depreciate in cost.

DJK1NG_Gaming36d ago (Edited 36d ago )

it did. People pirating DS games instead of buying them.
That hurting software sales.
There a reason Sony went hard against it on Vita. Which resulted more loyal Vita fans purchasing more and more on the system.

thejigisup35d ago

Almost partly reflected in how poorly the Vita had performed.

SegaGamer35d ago

Nintendo only care now because they have seen how much money can be made from those crappy little plastic emulators. If those things sold like crap then they wouldn't have cared. To Nintendo, this isn't about protecting what they own, it's about the money and releasing the same old Mario and Zelda games over and over again.

rainslacker35d ago

Nintendo has chased after more pirate tech or sites than any other company in history, long before they had those crappy little plastic emulators, and long before they were selling remasters and such.

So, I'd say that it was about protecting what they own....because they've always taken a hard line approach to this matter.

And whatever their reasoning is, it is their right to do what they are doing, whether we like it or not.

rainslacker35d ago (Edited 35d ago )

I don't think it has to damage them for copyright infringement to be called damages in a court settlement or ruling.

Some of the ROMS they were distributing through the years were made available, sometimes rather easily, through official channels. In business, that's considered damaging.

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FallenAngel198436d ago

Nintendo doesn’t provide gamers a way to legitimately the vast majority of their classic library and go after the people who do?

Wtf either make a legitimate Virtual Console on Switch or fk off Nintendo. Quit trying to ruin the preservation of the industry

Shiken36d ago

A big part of it was that the site was generating ad revenue, and therefore making money off of their IPs.

No one is saying that it does not suck, but Nintendo and any other dev/publisher that follows are well within their rights to do so.

Neonridr35d ago

ahh so because you can't play the game because you don't have a gameboy or the cartridge means that you should just be able to go illegally download and play it for free. Gotcha.

Platformgamer36d ago

nintendo ruining the fun once again

EddieNX 35d ago

The everyone should just pirate everything and not pay for anything, cus that's how society works /s

Platformgamer35d ago

no, just nintendo ahahah
and no, it's not /s

monkeyfox36d ago

I would argue that rom sites actually helped keep old games relevant.

Cobra95135d ago

Yes. Emulation in general opened some eyes. I doubt we'd see 30-year-old games reissued today if the whole idea of emulating old systems hadn't come to light, and proven both doable and popular.

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