Fallout 76 Update Version 1.01 Downloads 50+ GB Full Game Data, Retail Disc Only Has 200 MB

Fallout 76 is available right now on both retail and digital platforms, however, the physical version is next to useless if you plan to use it to install the game quickly.

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Skull52131d ago

Physical is an outdated, inferior method of distribution. Expect more of this in the future. The next step will be retail packaging just a box with a download code in it before we just finally go into the all digital future.

darthv7231d ago

I believe it was like this with black ops 4 recently. the physical disc only had a fraction of the full content and people had to practically dl the whole game anyway just like those who buy digital.

Spyro is also doing it with the physical not being the same build as the digital and only having 1 game on the disc.

Funny how both of those are from Activision....

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sinspirit30d ago

No one argues about what is more relevant. The argument is that people like to collect physical pieces, and that it's an extra burden of wait time to download the entire game when more can be included on the disc.

Mutant-Spud30d ago

Publishers will still do limited edition collectors items, just as music labels release exclusive vinyl LP's and cassettes these days.

Sgt_Slaughter30d ago

Everything you just stated, is completely wrong in every sense of the word. People like you are why companies get away with bad consumer practices. Physical was, is, and will always be superior because it's not 100% tied to a service or in the hands of a company that can flip the switch to disable it. That alone make it the better option, along with other benefits.

-volt-30d ago

I think the problem is no advancement in physical media. We've had blueray forever it seems

Dreamcatcher4530d ago (Edited 30d ago )

We just got it last gen, and that was only PlayStation.

ShadowWolf71230d ago

I can walk into a store, find a game on a Walmart shelf for $15 that's $40 on PSN or Steam.

Forgive me if I don't find that inferior.

Nicknasty30d ago (Edited 30d ago )

Keep on dreaming, itll never happen. If it does, there will be alot of gamers including myself that wont participate in that digital nonsense. Useless and zero resale value. No thanks!

rainslacker30d ago

Not sure you understand the meaning of outdated. Obsolete would be a better word to use, but considering physical is still the primary way games are sold on consoles, I'd say that's not the case.

Being inferior is subjective, and they'll both have their pros and cons. To me, the pros for physical far outweigh the pros of digital, because all digital really offers me is the ability to not have to switch discs.

I do expect more.of this kind of stupid crap in the future. I also expect me to not support, even if I want I'm doing with the recent spyro reboot.

Not sure why you'd care so much about killing the physical market that you'd be so adamant about saying how outdated it is. It's sad that people today think that taking choices away is a good thing.

grumpyking30d ago

Considering most of the world do not have access to the sort of internet required to go 'digital only' this is an absurd comment. A 50gb day 1 download would take me and many others 2 days of continuous downloading.

Not to mention physical is still 50% cheaper in countries like Australia (where, as above our internet is woeful) so going digital won't be happening anytime soon.

BuildTheWall29d ago

Physical is a outdated, inferior method of distribution & you are a failed abortion. The last part was a little rude, but I'm in a shitty mood right now, a friend of 28 years was just killed by a drunk driver.

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DerekTweed31d ago

This is an online only game so it's not such a big deal.

Offline single player games that do this is a different matter all together.

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holdmyown8330d ago

Big facts. Multiplayer only titles should always be bought digital.

Sgt_Slaughter30d ago

What sense does that make? If I find a multiplayer-only game like Overwatch for $20 or less physically, I'm going to buy it and save a lot of money.

XiNatsuDragnel31d ago

This is okay but Spyro hell nooo that's not okay

Literal_Cringe31d ago

But why? That's 25 or 50GB all going to waste. Why did they even print a disc then? Just put in a download code if they were gonna pull something like this. At least it would (should) have been cheaper.

yomfweeee31d ago

Because then it would be digital and no disc required. Some people buy physical to resell.

Literal_Cringe30d ago

And for those who don't resell? They just have to suck it up now? That's awful.

yomfweeee30d ago

I'm not defending what they did here, it is stupid as hell.

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