'Spec Ops: The Line' Is The Most Brutal War Game Ever Made

Go dust off your PlayStation 3 and tell us it's not. Spec Ops: The Line was one of the most brutal U.S. military war games to ever released, but you don’t find out until it’s too late.

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UCForce32d ago (Edited 32d ago )

It’s a great game with amazing story. But I can’t go back to play it again. How do I say this ? It was nightmare experience. Because you done something wrong and it keep pushing you to do so. The game gave you a PTSD. And it made you like real monster. It changed the video game perspective.

masterfox32d ago

the story near the end gets effing nuts!, overall awesome game !.

Kurupt32d ago

Underrated game..certainly deserved a bit more attention.

N3mzor32d ago

Why is everyone overrating this game? The gameplay was sub-par, on PC at least as I don't know what the standards are on the consoles.

There is nothing brutal in the combat, plot points were pushed too hard which led me to figure out something is off early on, and by the end, the plot twist wasn't surprising.

It failed to make me feel bad because the game is linear, with the above mentioned forced plot points. I didn't feel like I made those choices, so the game just felt like a tasteless showcase of wartime atrocities with repetitive combat sequences in between.


The white phosphorous sequence, in particular, was praised by just about everyone but it's really poorly executed. I aimed the bombs in a rather small circle in order to wipe out the soldiers and the fire from the last bomb magically spread across the sand, just in order to reach that cage.

There is no proper context and there is no oil trail or anything else that would possibly spread the fire that far. It is forced there just for the shock effect. The poor execution ruined what could actually be a shocking point in the story.

UCForce32d ago

It’s well executed because it’s changed the perspective of video game heroism.

N3mzor31d ago

No it hasn't. The game launched six years ago and there have been countless games with run of the mill hero stories since.

UCForce31d ago

Yes, it has. Spec Op The Line pushed the player to be real monster who denied reality until it snapped.

sprinterboy32d ago

Great game and very underrated

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