Russian Gamers Outraged By Battlefield V Producer's Statement About USSR Inclusion

David Sirland apologizes for the misunderstanding after enfurious fans start #ApologizeforUSSR flash mob.

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Skull52136d ago ShowReplies(2)
Chaosdreams36d ago

This game is a burning dumpster fire. They literally keep putting their foot in their own mouth.

Inzo36d ago

You mean "foot on their own throat"

RacerX35d ago

Battlefield V; when trying to please everyone, means no one is happy.

sander970235d ago

Maybe he was referring to "DICE history" and not actual history.

XiNatsuDragnel36d ago

Good job DICE one dumpster fire at a time

TekoIie35d ago

I will say I think some of this outrage is manufactured. The statement itself is absolutely retarded but the twitter accounts complaining are kinda inactive and have all decided to start talking about this controversy. Say what you want about Russian bots but this feels like its someone trying to manufacture a controversy.

Everything before this was largely legitimate outrage but this doesn't feel like it is.

bigmalky35d ago

I can't see Russia having that many betas that get offended, to be honest.

That's more of a western thing at this moment in time.

Probably manufactured by media for clicks.

TekoIie35d ago


Just look at the English in some of the tweets. It's very broken english and no profile pics on all of them. That's not normal.

MeteorPanda36d ago

l get it and forgive - maybe caught off guard with his first reply but the second one is a bit true - russia was sort of the 3rd party in that war

franwex36d ago

Yeah, I get it too. But right now any negativity towards the game is moment for applause-sadly so.

Loktai35d ago

So here is the thing about Russia if youre talking about WW2?

They are the actual main combatant and lost the most people during that war. I actually have russian relatives and can speak the language somewhat. WW2 for Russia is the great patriotic war. They take it very seriously. Women and teens gave up school and their lives to sacrifice for that war... families were torn apart and a large number of those executed were russian jews. The war was so much fought on that side that there are still ethnic germans descended from prisoners of war who were later used as labor to build roads etc because of the huge loss of manpower the war caused the USSR through loss of life. If not for Russia the western allies had basically no chance of reaching Germany... but Germany was overextended thanks to Russia turning out to be a lot tougher than was anticipated. Now mind you Stalin was an absolute monster and made decisions that sacrificed civilian and military lives to keep the front line away from the capital, and to hold St petersburg (Leningrad) which Hitler was obsessed with getting. Basically 2/3 of the european fighting happened on the eastern front. Whatever you can say about USSR or Stalin cant be said for the average Russian / USSR citizen who sacrificed enormously to beat Hitler, and when the Russians reached Berlin FIRST (in spite of the allies actually delaying them on purpose by firestorming cities en-route between the russian forces and berlin) it was the soviet flag that flew over Berlin and ended the war for Germany.

The Pacific theater is another matter ENTIRELY and the USA was instrumental.

MeteorPanda35d ago

yeah how many of these deaths was from no gear for the cold? we all took losses and thats why no country wants to see ww3 ever happen.

DemoIishor35d ago

This is categorically wrong. Russia was the primary combatant in the war. They were invaded by the Germans in June 1941, almost 5 months before Pearl Harbor. They already had Germany on the retreat by the time D-Day was even being planned. They reached Berlin first. The list goes on. When it comes to the European Theater, they were the absolute primary combatant. American history has completely downplayed the U.S.S.R's role in the war to their benefit, which is a shame, considering Russia lost almost 52 times as many people than the United States and 13% of their entire population

Darkborn36d ago

I think EA is trying to lower their own stock to buy it all back up again..

rainslacker35d ago

But it up to resell it with micro transactions?