South Park is not suing Activision over Call of Duty's Blackout mode, but they totally should

Everyone has been impressed with the Black Ops 4, but did Activision steal ideas from the infamous South Park? You be the judge.

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Glemt31d ago

This might not be the dumbest thing I've ever seen but it's up there...
First off, jamming a syringe in your arm is not a creative idea. Southpark wasn't the first, and COD won't be the last.
Secondly, showing this method of healing in a FPS is limited if you want the screen to be focused on where the player is looking, hence it uses the forearm.
Thirdly, the source already shows this argument in its own writing:
"[...] his player took out a syringe and jammed it into their left arm. Not an original idea in itself, but depending to how you look at it, [...]"
"Not an original idea in itself". No, it isn't. And because it isn't, COD can't have copied it from Southpark. For it to be copied in a matter of copyright, it kind of needs to be an original idea.

So, no, they totally should not sue, and they won't, because to sue over this would be a lost cause, and a waste of money.

Jinger30d ago

I think the article is Satire... Well I at least hope it is

RizBiz30d ago

The writer desperately needs to re-examine his understanding of satire.

rainslacker30d ago

Even if they copied they couldn't sue. Unless assets were stolen.


Satire or not, blue hole was threatening epic for much the same thing, although they felt epic may be anti comparative, which they themselves can't sue over as that is an FTC matter

JackBNimble30d ago (Edited 30d ago )

Sites like this will never get my click.
Someone tell me how the hell satirical "opinion pieces" are getting approved here on N4g?

OneEyedSteve31d ago

Everyone has been impressed lol what?

xX1NORM1Xx31d ago

Well at least I know anyone can write for gaming sites now...

DanteVFenris66630d ago

At least half the population can’t understand satire it seems

Goldby30d ago

helps if the author knew what satire was

DanteVFenris66628d ago


Because it’s ridiculous no one thinks like this. This is a joke to get attention

The7Reaper31d ago

Careful you don't dislocate your shoulder with all that reach.

UltraNova31d ago

Yeah but is shoulder dislocation an original idea or did you copy that?

ShadowWolf71230d ago

I made a vaguely similar comment once a few years ago.

I'll see you in court, you plagiarist.

rainslacker30d ago

I used the word "I" long before you did

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The story is too old to be commented.