Valve Planning 135° VR Headset Bundled With ‘Knuckles’ Controllers And Half-Life VR

Use old embed cImages of a prototype VR headset with a Valve logo visible on the circuit board leaked on the image sharing website imgur. Our independent sources tell us these are in fact prototypes for an upcoming Valve HMD.ode

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ji320032d ago

i just bought Samusong Odyssey for $350 and i reall love it. I tried at friend's house and i was actually impressed with it when i first try vr headset. i thought vr is next nintendo Wii but i was wrong big time.

ibrake4naps32d ago

Right on! I bought psvr day one, and now have the rift. VR is great, will never fail, only get more advanced and gain more fans! <3

Dom_Estos32d ago

Why on earth did you think it would be like a Nintendo Wii?

chris23532d ago

vr is the best thing since chocolate

wheatley32d ago

What do Valve make money from nowadays? Genuine question...

Skull52132d ago (Edited 32d ago )

I believe they get a cut of every game sold on Steam, which has kept them from having to do anything useful for 20 years.

wheatley32d ago

That's what I thought, thank you!