Sea of Thieves Voyages to Become More Meaningful & Story-Driven

If you’ve been waiting for more of a story in Sea of Thieves, the future is looking bright.

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Clark8834d ago

A little to late don't you think 🤔

DrakeFan134d ago

It is on Gamepass indefinitely and it is never too late to keep adding contents. That is the beauty of a Netflix style subscription.

Skull52134d ago

I agree it’s too late, that ship has set sail. Games that launch devoid of content don’t deserve a second chance. They need to be delayed until it’s a product worth purchasing.

DrakeFan134d ago (Edited 34d ago )

Skull, so what you are saying is games like GT Sport should never been released? I bought GT Sport on launch day and I'm glad they keep updating the game similar to games like Seas of Thieves.

yomfweeee34d ago

That's the beauty? You have to maintain a subscription to get the full proper game?

ImGumbyDammit33d ago (Edited 33d ago )


There is no need to maintain GP. You can quit GP subscription at any time and come back later if you wish and pick right back up with the game. And that is exactly what I did last month with the release of FH4 I came back to GP and I started to play SOT again as well after taking several months off.

This is not some single player game where you are done in 15-20 hours. And if by chance you come back to that same single player game months later to replay the same game all that has changed is more than likely just a patch to fix some issues or if you are really lucky you have the awesome option (/s) to pay $20+ for DLC for a few more hours of single-player time. With SOT all that new content (DLC) if free and the overall system is continuously being changed with new features, not just the normal bug fixes you get elsewhere.

mark_parch33d ago

if they manage to do this I will definitely jump back in. The world they created was stunning but just so empty and meaningless.

shaggy230333d ago


A small game called No Mans Sky says hi.

Serious dude, stop being "that type of fanboy" and think before you type.

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Switch4One34d ago

Man you are on a roll for a "new" account.

Clark8834d ago

What does that got to do with anything? When No Man Sky came out we had to wait for new content as well. It was a little to late as well

rainslacker32d ago (Edited 32d ago )

NMS is still doing pretty well though. It sold well at launch. And those who wish to keep up with it are getting content.

Its too late for those who don't want to give it a second chance, or the benefit of the doubt, but I'd much rather a game be supported than just abandoned if it goes with an update model. We get games that come out with an actual long term DLC plan that sometimes don't finish, and that's much worse than what we see with NMS or SoT.

I've never been into SoT to play, although I always enjoyed watching the progress they were making on the developer diaries, but I thought this update seemed pretty cool. Mostly because I like big ship battles. Not sure I'll partake, because I don't care for PVP much, but I'll give it a shot at least.

So, if anything, for me, this kind of thing may actually get me into the game, so, not too late, just a long time coming.

WilliamSheridan34d ago

Nope, only too late if you are anti Microsoft and want it too fail. Free content is never too late

ThinkThink34d ago

Never too late. Games like these get better with age. The kids and i played it for months before fortnite came along. The XO trailer sparked everyone's interest so we're going to dive in again once it drops. It's kind of cool to see the game develop.

King_Noctis33d ago

Huh? This is a live service game. Years from now it will still being updated, unlike most SP games.

shaggy230333d ago


Was it too late for No Mans Sky when that got a recent huge update?

Clark8833d ago

I forgot about the game and never played it again. If it doesn't deliver the date it releases or doesn't get better in a couple of months I move on

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lxeasy34d ago

I might jump back into this game. My friends tell me they've added a lot since launch.

Vasto34d ago

The only thing I dont like is no 3rd Person camera mode. They need to add an option to play in either 1st or 3rd.

slavish033d ago

Option are good but on the n4g u get downvoted 😳

drpepperdude34d ago

Not really anything worth grinding for.

Vasto34d ago

Everything they said they would do they are doing it and the game just keeps getting better and better.

Kribwalker34d ago

agreed, the evolution of this game is pretty sweet

King_Noctis33d ago

I wonder if we’ll get a re-reviews of the game once most of the big updates hit.

DasTier34d ago

I never thought I’d say this... but this game really needs a battle royal mode...

The edge of map storm would be perfect for an enclosing area.

Can’t belive they’re like the only company who didn’t get on this trend yet it fits their game the most.

DrakeFan134d ago

It might be coming on a future update as the new mode "Arena" kind of like a Battle Royal. It might be testing ground for a bigger Battle Royal mode.

drpepperdude34d ago

Not really unless they redo the gunplay, it feels pretty bad.

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