AMD's Navi GPU Coming to Gamers in 2019

As per a rumor, AMD has finalized their first Navi design, codenamed Navi 12. Navi 12 will feature 40 CUs which translates into 2560 stream processors.

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Tsar4ever0132d ago (Edited 32d ago )

I bet the NavI GPU for PS5 will be based off the NAVI 10. But of coarse,a costumed cut-down version.

NAVI 20 is out of the question, That will most likely be a GPU equivalent of the "ThreadRipper" cpu package. 2 or more Navi 10 GPU chips dyes connected through 'Infinity Fabric' in 2020.

ABizzel132d ago

I'm interested to see where this goes, and price will make or break these GPUs.

The first run of GPUS should be around 9 TFLOPS for the RX 680 and priced around the $249 range. The Navi 20 should be around 15 / 18 / 20 TFLOPS. 15 TFLOPS for the low-end Navi 20 ($399), and an 18 TFLOP air cooled and a 20 TFLOPS liquid cooled high-end version ($499 for the 18 TFLOP / $599 20 TFLOP).

That put theoretical performance for these cards at:

Navi 680 = GTX 1070
Navi 20 low (ala Vega 56) >=< GTX 2070 < GTX 1080
Navi 20 High (ala Vega 64) >=< GTX 2080 < GTX 1080 Ti
Navi 20 High liquid cooled > GTX 2080 Ti

This sounds great on paper, but the GTX 2000 series is out now in 2018, and Navi 20 is rumroed to be scheduled for Spring / Summer 2020 which is 18 - 24 months away (nearly 2 years away for today's performance). Which again is why price will be a big factor for them, considering that performance is $499 - $999 today, and will be half that in less than 2 years.

On the flip side it looks like 2020 will be the release of the PS5 as well giving AMD a full year to perfect the Navi tech and launch the RX 780 which is more than likely going to be powering the PS5 with around 10 TFLOPS of GPU power.

Making PS5 equivalent to a Ryzen 2 CPU + RX Vega 56. A 4x - 6x CPU performance increase, over the current gen and a 1.68x performance increase over XBO-X, a 2.4x performance from PS4 Pro, a 5.5x Performance increase from the base PS4, and a 7.2x performance increase from the XBOs.

KoroSenpai31d ago

Lol even if AMD the manage to match NVIDIA's current 20 gen series..They will get obliterated by NVIDIA's next gen by spring 2020. NVIDIA is just experimenting with these cards since AMD is too slow to catch up.

TheVigilanteCode31d ago

40 CU's ain't bad and doesn't matter much.

The clocks at which they operate on the new TSMC 7NM node, does.

I fully expect the Navi 10 (or 12) to perform comfortably above a Vega 64, for less than $300, i.e. sitting in between the GTX 1080 and the GTX 1080Ti.

The Navi 20 which releases in the second half of the year or early 2020, is what makes the current high end space interesting. It might do what Vega 56 and Vega 64 did to the Pascal. The Navi 20 might sit between the 2080 and the 2080Ti, and AMD will go ham on the pricing.