Black Ops 4: Fired Treyarch QA States Studio Only Cared When Big Streamers’ Game Crashed, Leaks Info

A recent leak from a fired Treyarch QA tester says that Black Ops 4 game crashes only mattered for big streamers. Black Ops 4 campaign got scrapped mid-2017, Zombie mode Easter eggs and lots more leaked.

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rainslacker38d ago (Edited 37d ago )

Assuming this guy is actually legit, he's just invited himself to rather hefty litigation against breaking NDA's. If there's one thing any dev tells it's QA testers coming in, it's that they WILL pursue legal action against you if you break an NDA, and they do, which is why people who go anonymous on these kind of whistle blowing topics which do nothing to point out any real illegal activity, are best taken with a huge grain of salt. Hiding behind a username on the internet will not protect him from the legal teams that would come after him, and likely they'll even look into if this guy is actually a fired former employee if even one of those things happens to be true.

There are some things the industry takes very seriously. Especially at the big publishing house studios. It's that their temporary employees do not break NDA, because they are the most likely to do so. They will scare the crap out of you before you are ever officially hired. So I really hope this guy has the financial resources to pay off a settlement, or fight it out in which he will most certainly lose.

That being said, while i hate to sound like I'm defending treyarch here, the premise of only caring about if a streamers game crashed doesn't make sense. If it could crash for them, it could crash for anybody, and there is no way to isolate what a streamer will play from what everyone else plays.

All the other stuff he leaked, assuming its true, is not really his place to go on the internet seeking some sort of vindication against Treyarch because he was fired. It's petty, and ultimately, serves no purpose, because those were business decisions and the product we got is what it was, and it matters very little what they had planned before. Every game ever produced has things taken out of it for business, technical, or artistic reasons, and it's for the companies themselves to decide if they want to divulge that information. Nothing done in that list is wrong, it just doesn't sit well with the gaming community, but the gaming community can decide for itself if the product actually released is worth their support and investment. They don't need a list of items they didn't get to do that.

I did find this one amusing

"There is one, and only one tester right now assigned to start at round 90 and play with god mode to round 150. He does this for 12 hours every day."

And? is that a bad thing? maybe I'm missing why this is bad, or important. The game released a month ago, and for a MP game that is still getting updates, I find it extemely unlikely they have one tester doing the same thing over and over again daily. There is no way to test the bugs in a game, or new content using this method, and while I don't know the structure of the game to know what those rounds mean, it seems rather unlikely that one thing is tested over and over again daily. That's not how game testing about as far away from how game testing works as it gets....even if it's only one guy working 12 hours a day.

DarkVoyager37d ago (Edited 37d ago )

“Fired Treyarch QA States Studio Only Cared When Big Streamers’ Game Crashed“

Doesn’t surprise me one bit. I love playing games but the gaming industry really disgust me sometimes. I liked the days before streamers become a major part of gaming.

thejigisup36d ago

Tl:Dr version: was 4 Blops4= büt-$eks 4 longtime he tell ppl

Cobra95137d ago

Whether by stupidity or courage, the dirty deeds get outed--assuming truth. Heroics, I suspect, are often the result of acting before thinking.

rainslacker37d ago

Interesting take. But I'm not sure I'd consider this heroic. More petty than anything.

XiNatsuDragnel37d ago

So basically treyarch are listening to big guys if so, ohhh boy the potential s***storm incurs ;)

blazin837d ago

why are you winking? don't be weird

XiNatsuDragnel36d ago

I'm Natsu Dragnel super weird anine shonen progtanist ;)

gangsta_red37d ago

Fired QA guy is bitter at a company and says bad stuff about them.

Seems legit

DevilHunterDante37d ago

Doesn't mean what hes saying can't be true. Your way of thinking is very close-minded.

gangsta_red37d ago

It could very well mean what he's saying isn't true. People tend to air dirty laundry when they feel they've been cheated.

Why was he fired? Maybe Treyarch looked at the most popular YouTube and streamers because those were the most played and in depth for engineers to take from.

If anything you're way of thinking is too close minded if your first thought is this guy is telling the truth.

windblowsagain37d ago

Blah Blah and Blah = blahdeblah.

Who cares.

Soulrakk37d ago

game streaming is a gift and a curse to the industry. they have so much impact on a game it's embarrassing and insulting to a game's user base. both parties will tell you how much they want for their communities.. at the end of the day both only care about their pockets & own agenda.