Fortnite Among The 15 Xbox Games To Support Mouse & Keyboard Inputs

Announced during Microsoft’s X018 event today, fourteen Xbox One titles will support Mouse & Keyboard input in the coming days.

Starting on Wednesday, November 14th, up to 15 Xbox games will support Mouse & Keyboard support. The games Bomber Crew, Warface, Children of Morta, Minion Masters, DayZ, Strange Brigade, Deep Rock Galactic, Warhammer: Vermintide II, Moonlighter, Wargroove, Vigor, War Thunder, X-Morph: Defense and finally, Epic Games’ Fortnite. At this time, only Fortnite has been confirmed to support the Mouse & Keyboard input on November 14th.

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Vasto36d ago

Did we get an announcement about today about the Razor Keyboard and Mouse for Xbox?

conanlifts36d ago (Edited 36d ago )

Yes, but full info will be at CES next year. They said the keyboard will feature adaptive lighting. I.e it could show health bar lights, Red lights to show team mate needs reviving etc.

Vasto36d ago

By that time we should have a really good amount of games that will support it.

Skull52135d ago (Edited 35d ago )

Glad to see Vigor on there, makes my hopes of ARMA on consoles just a little more probable. Again though I have reason to believe the next Xbox will be fully capable of running PC games.

Imortus_san35d ago

Another great MS inovation for gamers.

timotim36d ago

I honestly wasn't expecting that much support out the gate. And some big names there...good job Microsoft.

iEatNapkinz35d ago

I could have swore that Fortnite already had KB&M support on Xbox

Ciporta198035d ago

Why would ms want to ruin their multiplayer games for people who don't want this? One of the advantages of console gaming is that nobody has keyboard and mouse.

Fishy Fingers35d ago

Options? Just play on a controller only server if you want. Fortnite for example will automatically matchmake based on your input device.

King_Noctis35d ago

Uh have you watched the reveal? They stated again and again (especially Fortnite announcement) that there are different servers for both the controller and Mouse+keyboard. The system will choose for you depending on what input you are using, you can't exactly choose whatever you want.

Ciporta198035d ago

Ah so splitting the player base so there less people to play against? Great. There is obviously already a shortage of people hence the massive push for cross play and now this.

King_Noctis35d ago

There are no shortage of people to play with on X1 as well as on PC with crossplay. Also, how is giving choice a bad thing now?

Imortus_san35d ago

Mobile vs Consoles VS PC is on, so, what the problem.

King_Noctis35d ago

I feel like we gonna see Age of Empire announcement for the X1 at E3 next year.

Imortus_san35d ago

I guess Xbox wil again be the queen of RTS games just like the X360.