Activision Must Blame Itself for Destiny 2 Underperformance

Talha Amjad writes: "At the end of the day, Destiny 2 might be a game that has been fraught with issues, but that is due to Activision, not Bungie. For all of the flak it has received, the developer has listened to the community and responded accordingly ever since the game initially released."

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masterfox34d ago

I think this time is not Activision fault , Bungie went on a laziness/greed rampage with Destiny 2, the game just feels a bad re-hash from Destiny 1, same enemy's , same classes, re-re-releasing old weapons, a simple matchmaking can't still be done for raids or nightfalls, the random loots drops are bad as always, the dozens of hours in farming for a particular weapon or armor, some specials weapons can't be obtained unless you are in a team of 9? lol wtf?, when obtained feels like a complete waste of time, the multiplayer characters classes are so damn unbalanced, the weapons and armor designs from normal to exotic most of them are useless and badly designed, the story is so uninspiring and so boring, the sparrow or ships nothing new there, I was hoping for some guns in the vehicles or ships and some space fighting segments or landing or just some control for those but nothing new there. Bungie earned so much money with Destiny 1 and the sequel we received was just a damn expansion with lots back steps.

Bungie was stupid enough to kill the only one character that was like the soul of the Destiny franchise , and this was because Bungie wanted to create a cheap fuzz so to make every player get upset and went to a cheap revenge inspired theme with the latest DLC.

Shikoku34d ago

Bungie is following Activisions contract they both share the blame.

PapaBop34d ago

Pretty much this, most cynical gamers saw this a mile away when they announced the ten year deal. In a lot of ways it's hard to know who to blame but ultimately Bungie were responsible for getting into bed with Activision in the first place.

Looking at Activision's comments on Forsaken not meeting sales expectations worries me though. I'd say Forsaken didn't sell as well primarily because Bungie have lost a hell of a lot of credibility in the last year due to how D2 turned out and them basically taking the piss with the so called expansion pass. If Activision think the answer to this is more micro transactions, they might as well take the franchise out back and borrow EA's gun for killing games/companies because that's exactly what they are doing.

Skull52134d ago

Of course it isn’t their fault. It underperformed because of hyper-masculinity, Russia, and Donald Trump.

D3TH_D33LR34d ago

People forget that D2 vanilla campaign was a dlc for D1 that eventually became the next title because
a) it takes to long to create content in bungies game engine
b) the dlc was so big they felt it should be the next game

So no, not a lot changed but it was activision who pushed for the game to become more casual which I believe is why most people disliked the game in the long run.

Thatguy-31033d ago

Destiny's universe had so much potential. It's a shame that they didn't go above and beyond to evolve the destiny 1 formula. This installment truly felt like a 1.5 installment.

Seraphim33d ago (Edited 33d ago )

it was said that Activision convinced Bungie not to release D1 with all it's content. Bungie apparently wanted to release what was the entire game+DLC out the box but Activision said that was far too much content. If that is the case then Activision is definitely to blame. One of the largest issues with Destiny is it's lack of content and business model. Releasing vanilla and pushing out minimal, overpriced DLC with far too little content to sustain the game. If they dropped a game covering the expanse of D1 and added to that it would give the game a MMO level and legs to sustain itself with DLC and Expansions.

Now we can also get into all the missteps made by Bungie but a lot of that has been adjusted, albeit, paid for in Forsaken. The inability to balance weapons and subclasses and refusing to get dedicated servers for PvP will always be a crux of this games MP mode. And I don't foresee that changing. As it stands though if they continue on the current path and don't go making boneheaded changes the core of the game, it's game play that is, is excellent again....

Lastly, this entire business model vs the content received has burned gamers time and time again. Even us who love the game. Until Bungie is able to offer real value and content only more people are going to leave this world. I do think Activision is a huge issue but part of the blame definitely falls on Bungie as well. In far too many aspects to cover w/o writing a novel....

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34d ago
PhoenixUp34d ago

Bungie’s reputation has taken a major hit

Shikoku34d ago

Servers them right for teaming up with Activision.

Skull52134d ago

Most of the talented devs at Bungie stayed on the Halo franchise and formed 343i. This was bound to happen, Bungie by name only. That’s why Halo is still awesome and Destiny has been a long running train wreck.

PhantomS4234d ago


I love Halo but have you not see the extreme disappointment and straight out hate for Halo 4 and 5? Halo is nowhere close to how awesome it was in the height of its popularity. Even the books and other media have taken a pretty big dive between 343i trying to completely undo the Bungie lore to making a big mess having to backtrack between making the huge mess of the Halo games.

Unreal0134d ago


Halo is not "still awesome."

Halo 5 is a shell of Halo 3, and let's not talk about the MCC. That'll go down as one of the worst ports of all time, is it even fixed to this day?

Shikoku34d ago

Exactly they have to blame themselves and Bungie. These people brought in 4 billion in microtransactions last year. This proves no amount of money is enough for these greedy POS.

Blu3_Berry34d ago

Honestly, I think the real problem lies with Destiny 1. That was the first game in the series and first impressions are very important. When alot of people got their hands on it, there was tons of disappointment for the game in regards to story, lore, grinding and other things. So most likely they decided to not risk it again, despite what people say. It sucks, but it already digged itself a hole and it will be very difficult to get out of that hole especially in this day and age.

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