Did Bungie Just Give Us a Clue About the Release Date for Destiny 2's Black Armory DLC?

Did Bungie just give us a huge clue as to when the Black Armory DLC would be released for Destiny 2? Read on to find out all the details.

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william_cade33d ago

I won't pay any less than 50 usd for this DLC.

Crazyjack14533d ago

I will not pay any less than 56 usd for this DLC. Because us real fans care about the Bungie employees feeding their kids.

sawoosevens33d ago

I want to feel the same way but they are complacent and deserve to burn along with Activision.

Spartacus1032d ago

lol no wonder the industry is going to shit.
People throwing money at devs because they're concerned about their kids (which they may or may not have), rather than looking at whether the product they're paying for is actually any good.

Its all too easy for publishers these days, I honestly dont blame them for making a killing from a market that has so many gullible individuals.

jagermaster61933d ago (Edited 33d ago )

I gave bungie to many chances, yeah they fixed D2 but honestly I'm tired of throwing money at them for content that should have been included from the start. Yes I know other companies do it too but I'm done feeding the monster.(especially when they originally said the first one was going to be a 10 year game) Now they are making a third when the other two are still unfinished and more of the same.

CorndogBurglar33d ago (Edited 33d ago )

Destiny 1 never had a 10 year plan. The 10 year plan was a "tentative" release schedule for 4 mainline Destiny games.

The 10 year plan was to include Destiny 1-4 along with all the DLC released between each main game release. The original contract can be seen in the link below.

Can we stop bringing that up now? It was never a thing and they changed their release schedule shortly after D1 released anyway, as it was always a TENTATIVE schedule.

I also find it interesting that no matter how hard you look, you can't find a single quote from Bungie or Activision stating that Destiny 1 would be the only Destiny title for 10 years.

kayoss32d ago

This is true. However, bungie have burn their fans too many times. They released an half @$$ destiny1 game and took them three years to steer the ship in the right path. Destiny 2 comes out and it’s the same thing.

CorndogBurglar31d ago


Yes. Give me disagrees even though I provided proof of what I said...

sawoosevens33d ago

Who ever still plays this please save yourself they will constantly try and take advantage of you.

kayoss32d ago

To the hardcore destiny players, bungie can never do them no wrong.


Curious to see how it is. Probably just going to wait and buy the expansion next year (once all the seasons pass dlc is included).

BrettAwesome32d ago

Yeah...tid they? And who the hell cares?