Wii owners that use the console for Netflix will soon have to find a (better) alternative

If you use your Nintendo Wii for Netflix purposes, you'll soon have to find an alternative. The service is coming to an end in January 2019.

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CrimsonWing6939d ago

Man in this day and age if that’s how you access Netflix I think you need to get with the times here...

paintedgamer198439d ago

I mean its fine for toddlers and children under the age of 5... but otherwise witaf...

darthv7238d ago

At least upgrade to a 360 or PS3. I use the 360 as it loads much faster than my LG bluray player.

Neonridr38d ago

or your smart TV or blu ray player or some high tech fridge or whatever else might have access to netflix nowadays :P

Relientk7739d ago

Oh no, those 4 people who still use their Wii for Netflix will be so upset.

Profchaos39d ago

Isn't it locked at sub hd levels 480p or 540 something along those lines I still play my Wii and enjoy older games like Mario kart and galaxy but Netflix use would be ugly

paintedgamer198439d ago

480p yes... its so blurry its crazy

slate9139d ago

I haven't seen a wii hooked up to a tv in about 4 years.

Profchaos38d ago

Mine is because it's still the latest Mario kart I have access to I skipped the Wii U and haven't got a switch yet

paintedgamer198439d ago (Edited 39d ago )

Its factually the worst version of Netflix. Who is really watching Netflix: 480p dog sh!t edition... in 2018

Literal_Cringe39d ago

You haven't used the 3DS version of Netflix then.

gangsta_red39d ago

Facts! The UI for it was absolutely terrible. Used it once and went back to all other means of access for Netlfix

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