Get a Golden AK-47 in Far Cry 2

PS3-Sense writes "Here is the map and video of how to get a golden AK-47 within Far Cry 2. The golden AK-47's are extremely accurate and much better then the normal ones. So check out the map and the video and find your own!"

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fafoon3464d ago

No hang on that's Bond !
I'm off to get the Golden AK 47 !!

And Shoot Everyone

Zip3464d ago

mmmm? I found mine within the first couple of plays @ day 1...

anyway im selling my copy as we speak, its too linar and reptive .... not even a single cutscreen or anything, call me spoiled, but isnt that somehow the standard theese days?

EvilCackle3464d ago

Like Half-Life, it's trying to adhere to a strict first-person perspective.

Also, the game does pick up a bit after the first few hours.

Shane Kim3464d ago

I've played it alot now. At least 8 hours and It's just boring. Gonna trade it in for Fallout 3.

n4gzz3464d ago

I love this game. Already put over 25 hrs on it.

Shane Kim3464d ago

aaaaah, like Saddam Hussein.

solidt123464d ago

I saw a video on youtube yesterday of a golden AK in real life. It looked bad a$$. Some dude in the middle east had it.

Shane Kim3464d ago (Edited 3464d ago )

The dude is called Saddam Hussein. In case you weren't sarcastic.

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