5 Hypeworthy Announcements That Will Likely Be at XO18

Author writes "Microsoft's XO event returns this year, and we're pretty sure there's going to be some notable announcements to look forward to."

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slate9134d ago

- Crackdown 3 news blowout
- Ninja Theory game
- Obsidian Acquisition
- SoT and SoD 2 content
- PUBG content

IMO, they would still need more for it to be a successful show. And I'm not sure we will get more.

agnosticgamer34d ago

More? This isn't E3... If all that is true it'd be a pretty damn big show... The obsidian announcement probably won't happen as the deal isn't done from what I've been reading... I bet that would be more in-line with E3. Of course with your comment, it clearly shows that either A) nothing they announced at the show would please you... or B) Your expectations are way...way too damn high...

slate9134d ago

My expectations are low for this type of event. But a game that has been delayed for years and content for two games that were shipped as empty shells are hardly good announcements imo. Pubg content? Game is getting left behind.
Obsidian and ninja theory is the best on that list.
Like I said, there needs to be more. Hoping for mouse and keyboard announcements and crossplay announcements.

Razmiran34d ago

Obsidian acquisition wouldnt be anything great in itself
Announcing an acquisition doesnt hype me up, show me something

conanlifts34d ago (Edited 34d ago )

"This isn't E3... If all that is true it'd be a pretty damn big show... The obsidian announcement probably won't happen as the deal isn't done from what I've been reading"

When ms stated they were holding XO18 they also referenced this as being the event they announced the rare acquisition. So I expect talk of studio purchases.

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Ausbo34d ago (Edited 34d ago )

I think that’s a pretty good showing right there

Larrysweet34d ago

Well no wonder xbox has nothing the fans are happy with nothing but trash jesus christ for my 500dollars a game thats clearly in dev hell and content for mediocre old games is bs

Jinger34d ago

1. I can almost guarantee Crackdown 3 will be there in some capacity.
2. I think this will be too early, but I'd say a better bet is to get a Ashen and Below release date.
3. This is probably too soon. If true at all. Instead we should get another Gears 5 trailer or more info on Gears Pop and an announcement that Gears Tactics is coming to Xbox One with the recent K/M support.
4. Guaranteed that SoT will tease either their next roadmap or just their next DLC. SoD2 is likely as well.
5. PUBG seems foolish to waste time on considering their exclusivity deal is up and it's coming to PS4 it seems. Instead, let's see some more Ori 2 with a release date.

rainslacker34d ago

1.I think they would have to show something from CD3.
2. Ninja Theory game will be a teaser if anything. Maybe some general talk about their new studios work is more likely.
3. Possibly, but I question the effectiveness of such an announcement, assuming its true, when people are still saying, "Show us something". Number 2 is more likley....although the announcement doesn't have to be from NT game.
4.SOT will certainly have something for their next content expansion. SoD2 is a very good possibility.
5. I'm sure they'll have something to keep PUBG relevant on the X1 to try and curb Sony taking the console exclusive advantage from them.

That being said, I think they might show

1. Something Gears. certainly gears since they were working on three Gears projects.
2. Something Halo, perhaps not Halo5, but maybe some other project in the universe
3. A slim chance for Fable since they pretty much admitted it was being worked on at E3. Although, that may be more a E3 announcement.
4. Some talk about Scarlett.
5. Talk about cloud tech, likely coupled with CD3.
6. Talk about Game Pass.
7. Talk about the future of Xbox.
8. Some trailers for their games released through this year, maybe through a sizzle reel, to help promote the sale of those games through the holiday.
9. Some talk about the indie projects they're going to promote, and maybe some time spent showing off a lot of indie titles through trailers or sizzle reels.

NeoGamer23234d ago

I think the more likely is...

1) New Crackdown 3 reveal
2) Ages of Empires and Rise of Empires will release for keyboard/mouse support
3) SoT and SoD 2 Content
4) Trailer for Rare's next game
5) Obsidian acquisition

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Platformgamer34d ago

a PEGI18 conker game, please microsoft

Immorals34d ago

Age of Empires remaster on xbox with mouse and keyboard support!

GtPawnSacrifices34d ago

Oh! Wanted that way back on the 360. Ad M&K support to Halo Wars while you’re at it.

AK9134d ago

Ugh another unnecessary multi page article from Twinfinite no thank you.

Eldyraen34d ago

I wish.

Or that they’ve acquired or are developing a studio with entirely Japanese design principles and plan to keep it that way. With them going on PC now and streaming (I’ve heard good things about AC streaming in Japan on switch) then that’s the only way MS will ever find a place there. The Xbox won’t, but possibly Xbox games can when you ditch the platform requirement there. Let the Japanese dev basically work almost autonomously and release elsewhere sort of like they do Minecraft. But with a MS sized budget like LO had—by far one of the best jrpgs last gen but the market for it on Xbox specifically killed it for all but a niche fan market so no sequel ever happened.

Even Blue dragon went to DS and had a cartoon.

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