CNET Video: iPhone vs G1 Speed Test

So far G1 is kicking iPhone's booty.

In that video, she was done at 20:00

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UltimateIdiot9113404d ago

Down with the Iphone. Long live WinMo and Android.

Millah3404d ago (Edited 3404d ago )

Well I've seen SEVERAL videos where the iPhone was several times faster than the G1, so obviously it really depends on your location and your service there.

Yep they were in San Francisco, where iPhones 3G service is probably the slowest because of how many other iPhone users are densely populated there. Once the G1 sells more there you would probably notice the same thing happening. But other videos in different areas show the iPhone loading about 3x faster than the G1.

Bolts3404d ago

This test is stupid and Cnet should know better.

Marci3404d ago

Yeh, a very unprofessional test..

Guwapo773404d ago

They had the nerve to put that lame ass test on the net and video tape it? They need a /facepalm from a distance for that one.

3404d ago
SpecialSauce3404d ago

i just loaded the same page plus i didn't have 3g and it was like 8 sec.

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