The Call of Duty Community Does NOT Understand ‘Kill Confirmed’ Mode

In its current state, Kill Confirmed mode is not taken as seriously as it should be, rendering it one of the most frustrating multiplayer modes to play in Black Ops 4.

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drpepperdude37d ago

With any objective based mode you will get people who treat them like Team Deathmatch modes but it's been like that since COD4.

Darth Gamer37d ago

Funny as I've always thought the same thing as the article states. Why do people playing this mode run around killing people and blatantly run by the dog tag after killing someone. Blows my mind. Just play Team Deathmatch if your going to do that!

yeahokwhatever37d ago

I suspect they do it for the same reason I play Hardpoint; to rack up kills for skin unlocks. in TDM, you get about 20-30 kills if you're pretty good. In Hardpoint, I can get 40+ on a regular basis. This means I have more headshots per minute and its efficient to unlock weapon skins. I love playing Kill Confirmed, I typically get 30-40 kills per round in it, which is also better than TDM, even though I'm getting all my tags.

SierraGuy37d ago

Players leave tags as bait.

zombiewombie37d ago

This shit is hilarious because its so true.

GortJester37d ago

I thought everyone knew schmuckleheads did this crap for the kills... it’s frustrating as hell when you play the objective when others don’t...

execution1737d ago

Same goes for Domination. I like Heist but there's always that one person that's afk through the whole game

EmmaMatthews37d ago

I've had the same issue in Heist too. Ends up feeling like it's not worth the effort when it happens so consistently.

ChristMustDie37d ago

This never made any sense to me. Half the time the dog tags are literally right next to people. Just walk into it. That's it.

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