Path of Exile announced for PS4, releasing in December with 3.50 expansion

Developers Grinding Gears Games have announced that Path of Exile is coming to PS4 this December.

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AizenSosuke39d ago

Thank you very much since Diablo immortal was garbage town reveal, and Diablo fans and fanboys just play and buy this game to give Blizzard a msg about our respect, time and intelligence.

Kribwalker39d ago

been playing it off and on on my xbox the last year. It’s pretty good with super deep skill trees etc. Can be a little grindy at times but definitely good for a free to play

Lime12339d ago

Great! I'm glad it's coming on PS4. PUBG should release next month on PS4 also.

RememberThe35739d ago

How're the MTs in this one? Do they get in the way?

Gh05t39d ago


I haven't played ituch on console but I have played it for years on PC. The majority of MT is cosmetic.

However there are MTs related to your stash, like just adding more than 4 or 5 tabs, having some tabs you can color and label, tabs for currency with stacks of 5000, Divination cards, eesence, fragments etc. Also some MT to add more character slots but even after playing for so long I've never run out of character slots since in general this game is meant to be restarted every 4ish months.

That all being said I played for 2 years without spending a dime. And honestly you can easily play without spending any money.

If you do like it and want to save a little headache you will probably want at least the currency tab. But again no need to rush that and it's no requirement.

There are ZERO paywalls, all MTs are QoL or Cosmetic.

Father__Merrin39d ago


All mt are cosmetic, some of them are pretty unique. But there's literally tons of armour to change look of character.

Only issue is it can be very frindy

RememberThe35739d ago

That's great to hear actually, this game looks pretty cool. I love the skill customization. I play Warframe pretty often and its sounds like the MTs are less restrictive in PoE. I'll give it a shot when it drops.

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UCForce39d ago (Edited 39d ago )

Ok, I’m going to buy it. And Blizzard, you lost your way.

Gh05t39d ago

Imagine not having to pay a dime for a game that is pretty easy to learn but hard to master.

The grind is real though. And don't be afraid to start over, embrace the fact that your character will not be perfect and you will probably have to play multiple times before you find one that even begins to get through the end game. Character planning is a good idea.

Cmv3839d ago

This is great news. I knew eventually this will come. They should make it now just to appease my impatience.

Godmars29039d ago

When this game become a thing? Around when was it launched and when did it become popular?

Getting the feeling that after current events Diablo 4 is going to have to live up to or exceed this game, and Blizzard isn't going to be able to even come close.

Gh05t39d ago

I've been playing this game on and off for about 4 years now (launched late 2013 if I recall). It's got a cult following more than being super popular. Those that like it play it often because every 4ish months they have "expansions" that add something to the game. For instance right now there is a Delve expansion that adds an "infinite" dungeon. And in December it will most likely go away and the devs will decide whether to add it to the main game or not. So this game is always trying new things every 4 months so if you don't like the current expansion come back in 4 months and something new will be going on.

Also a part that is fun for some but a turn off to others is you start new characters every expansion. So you will get used to playing the missions A LOT! This is good because everyone starts at level 1 every 4 months and your not looking at some level 100 character wondering if you will ever be that good with that type of gear. That player started at 1 the same time you did. And in 4 months it will happen again.

You don't ever lose your characters they just move to standard legue which is the "non expansion" or "main" game only.

UltraDSA39d ago

That sounds interesting, I really wish it wasn't FTP but i'll give it a chance.

Lionalliance39d ago

The timing is just perfect lol

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