Kingdom Hearts 3 vs. Disney's Tangled Comparison Is Mind Blowing, Hard To See Difference

It is not always that we come across a comparison between an animated movie and video game that shows a pretty close result as in this case with Kingdom Hearts 3.

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instantstupor38d ago

I think KH3 looks great visually, and some scenes look more convincing than others in terms of how closely they resemble their CGI counterparts. And in motion, it is even more convincing. But in this article, having images directly comparable with sliders just show how much better CGI truly is (which of course makes sense, the amount of computing power put behind pre-rendered scenes should look a lot better). Characters skin, lighting, foliage, the hair, environmental details like the stonework/grass/flowers all look noticeably better in the film.

Still impressed with how close we can get given this is real time and running on a wide range of modest hardware, but the differences are certainly not all that hard to see.

The 10th Rider38d ago

Yeah, these types of comparisons already came up back when they first showed off Toy Story content for the game.

The fact of the matter is that animated movies are typically made with meticulous detail and then rendered using rooms full of computers that are each more powerful than any game console. Cars 2 was rendered using 12,500 CPU cores and even then it likely took a week to render.

In contrast, any game is running on far weaker hardware and the environment has to be rendered natively. Everything is interactive and because of that it's impossible to have the level of polish and detail that a frame of an animated movie has.

Kingdom Hearts 3 looks good and it's fun to make comparisons, but the comparison definitely shows how much better CGI movies look and it is going to always be that way simply due to the nature of each medium.

pietro121238d ago

You can see the differences, but still pretty impressive

Seraphim38d ago

No doubt. It's absolutely stunning what a great team with finances and time can pull off with current hardware. KH3 is looking absolutely beautiful and I can't wait for 1-29-19. Also it really makes me want to see complete Remakes of the original 2. The remasters are great but seeing KH3 worlds. Oh my!!

On another note. I started Red Dead 2 a couple nights ago and that too is mind blowing; 4k HDR on Pro. A completely different look but the environments, lighting effects, weather all look phenomenal. Even a lightning strike I saw tonight was just uncanny. Kind of makes me wonder just how much longer until games are completely photo realistic.

AspiringProGenji38d ago

consoles can finally produce Pixal graphics. Ratchet and Clank 2016 was very close. Kh3 already caught up

pietro121238d ago

Not exactly. Pretty close but not yet.

Dreamcatcher4538d ago

I think the fair thing to do is to compare a yet to be released game, to a yet to be released movie. Tangled is soon to be 9 years old so obviously things happen in those years.

The 10th Rider38d ago

Not really, and there's a good chance that it's a long while before we get anywhere close. Each scene in a movie is meticulously setup . . . games are interactive. They can endlessly tweak every last aspect of each individual frame for a movie. For a game that's impossible because you don't know what the player will be doing at any given moment and you can't possibly make sure every last thing reacts to the player in a realistic way like they can in a movie. Plus a movie is rendered using render farms full of machines that are each have a CPU more powerful than even next generation will have . . . possibly even the generation after that.

By the time Kingdom Hearts 3 is out, Tangled will be nearly a decade old and there's *still* obvious differences in the hair, the lighting, and the foliage.

Video game hair alone will take a couple generations to even get close to the hair in Tangled. The closest thing we have in NVIDIA Hairworks and it takes a 1080 ti to even hope of running a game in 4K 60fps with it on. By the time we have a game console that regularly uses technology like hairworks, Tangled will be two decades old.

BioNeo38d ago (Edited 38d ago )

"The closest thing we have in NVIDIA Hairworks"

Apocalypse Shadow38d ago (Edited 38d ago )

Looks pretty cool. Reminds me of something years ago with Sony. They used to do Siggraph demos and they took 16 PS2 motherboards and made something called GS Cube and rendered The Matrix, Antz and Final Fantasy Within in real-time. Ah. Those were the days(starts about 7 minutes in)
Makes you wonder what Square or Sony could do running 16 PS4s in parallel. Kingdom Hearts 3 would easily be rendered beyond Tangled.

I miss tech demos of what's possible. I would also like to see two PS4s in parallel to run each eye for PSVR. Games would look awesome as an experiment.

Apocalypse Shadow38d ago

Guess no one likes technical demonstrations.

windblowsagain38d ago

It looks very good.

But truthfully, if they wanted on a PC with some more power. Or just for the XBOXONEX AND PRO. That could have looked exactly the same.

Kyizen37d ago

Um tangled was made on a PC...several

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