The “Diablo Immortal” aftermath - An open letter to Blizzard from a long-time Diablo fan

"As most of you probably already know by now. Just recently Blizzard announced "Diablo Immortal" for mobile at Blizzcon 2018. Well, the Diablo fans didn't exactly like what they saw (including myself). So here's my take on the matter." - Robin Ek, TGG.

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Cobra95139d ago

My only disagreement with your piece came when you said that we don't know that Diablo Immortal is going to be a bad game. Yeah, we do. It's going to be an officially sanctioned mobile knockoff of Diablo by a Chinese company known for mobile knockoffs, monetized to the bejesus by ActiBlizzard--a money-milking machine disguised as a game.

TGG_overlord39d ago

I said "bad per say". I haven't played the game. So I don't know HOW bad it's going to be. I'm aware of that, the tumbs down ratio on the Youtube videos speaks for itself...

Cmv3839d ago

Diablo immortal being a mobile game isn't a big issue, it's how everything is presented. Its presented to the PC and console gamers as a big flagship thing that we SHOULD care about....we don't. Its not for us but they want it to be. If they announced d4 or a d2 remaster, and then also announced diablo immortal on a smaller scale, most of us wouldn't have mind.

TGG_overlord39d ago

The Diablo fans wanted D4 or a D2 remaster. So "Diablo Immortal" was anything but what they wanted. Exactly...

XxCptJoxX39d ago (Edited 39d ago )

I can understand why they decided to create a mobile game. There is a lot of exploiting your fans for money to be made I mean just look at Fire Emblem Heroes by Nintendo. The game is just a shollow tactical game focuses on spending money rolling and praying to the RNG gods for the best hero. Unlike the actual Fire Emblem games that we all love on 3DS and GBA.
My issue has to do how Blizzard is handling the situation. In my personal opinion, as a developer, you should always be professional with your fans even if they line up one by one to express their disapproval. I mean, "Do you even have phones!?" or saying "Don't be a dick!?" I mean come on! As a consumer, and a faithful one when it comes the Diablo franchise, to see the developers act in that way makes me feel uncertain and dissapointed for the future of the franchise.

TGG_overlord39d ago

The Diablo fans have been waiting for years to hear something positive on the Diablo front, and then they get this during Blizzcon...So, yeah, the outcome sure didn't come as a big surprise to me at least. I agree.