Bethesda: only tech specs held back past Nintendo support, kept Switch in mind for Doom

NE: "Bethesda’s Pete Hines had quite a few interesting things to say about Switch during a panel at PAX Aus 2018 last week. We already heard Hines mentioning that the company is considering the console for its games in almost every case, but he actually had much more to say about Nintendo’s platform."

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Literal_Cringe43d ago

There was nothing holding them back from having Skyrim at launch.

Tazzy42d ago

If you're talking about the specs of the Wii and Wii U the specs on both weren't good that's the roadblock developers faced with Nintendo consoles that's why Mortal Kombat 9 wasn't on it or Rage those consoles weren't powerful enough.

Literal_Cringe42d ago

I'm talking about Skyrim for the Wii U's launch.