Steam Must Innovate to Keep PC Market Over EA and Xbox

With Microsoft looking to push further into PC gaming with the Xbox Game Pass, Steam needs to start innovating to compete with strong competitors.

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specialagent453241d ago

It needs to bring back flash sales, make it easier to refund games without jumping through hoops and loops. It also needs to bring back buy a certain amount of indie games get a AAA game free. Able to share games will be nice....

SegaGamer41d ago

You can share games on Steam, it's been available for a few years now and it's easy. Also, we get free games on Steam quite often, if not directly through Steam then from some other site.

Skull52141d ago

Steam is a one trick pony, it's a slow sinking ship at this point.

RizBiz40d ago

What hoops and loops? If you played a game for less than a couple of hours you select refund and they do it, no issues at all.

TargusX41d ago

I have always, always hated steam. The way its riddled its ugly drm head into so many good games. live strong.

Movefasta199341d ago (Edited 41d ago )

gog just needs more support from publishers

-volt-41d ago

You must not know a story behind gog... no way I would support them

franwex41d ago

What’s the story? I thought it was CDProjekt simply releasing older games that are hard to find without drm nonsense. They got started by importing games into Poland and now have a way of distributing these games to anyone, further more they also made The Witcher’s series.
Is there a dark side to the story?

CarlDechance41d ago

I love GOG, but there are very few games that are not ancient. Steam is still the best platform to buy games on PC.

RizBiz40d ago

All Steam games can be played offline. The only bullsh*t DRM on Steam is garbage like Uplay, which is Ubisoft's fault and not Steam's.

Sophisticated_Chap41d ago (Edited 41d ago )

Steam is safe for now, since they have so many games available in their marketplace, but they are certainly under attacked from multiple angles now. EA has completely pulled out of Steam, and hasn't released a game onto their marketplace since Bad Company 2/ Mass Effect 2. Now you have Activision who will no longer be releasing Call of Duty and other games I assume, onto Steam.

If Take Two or Ubisoft decide to follow suit, then Steam will be under serious threat of losing a large portion of market share, and it would happen rather quickly. Unlike EA, Activision and other publishers that have helped to build Steam's dominant place in the market, by selling their content on Steam, Microsoft presents competition only in terms of player engagement at this point in time, since they really don't have many of their games on Steam to begin with.

Eventually though, the PC game sales pie, when split up between all of the platform holders, will start to reduce Steams hold on PC gaming. If Valve wants to fight to stay at the top, then they will need to have exclusive content. They have typically not wanted to keep anything exclusive to their service, but they will have to change that in order to survive. I would suggest that they get behind games with massive potential, like WW3 as an example, where it's a game that could become a direct competitor to Battlefield, which is only available on Origin.

Valve would need to start making investments into some of these studios that come up through Early Access, and then they would be in a great position to compete with EA, Activision and others.

elazz41d ago

Or they start to develop and release games again. Any third iteration of their franchises that are long overdue or a completely new game.

RizBiz41d ago

If they don't release games on Steam then I don't buy them, simple as that. I can only presume there are quite a few million people like me. That's a LOT of lost sales.

Finch40d ago (Edited 40d ago )

I am on the same boat. If it's not on steam I pass on it. Haven't found a game yet to pull me away. Yes I missed some I wanted but I just ended up getting it on console anyway so it wasn't a big deal. Yet on pc if it's not on steam I pass.

SegaGamer41d ago

Steam isn't perfect, but nothing even comes close to being as good as it on PC. The deals alone make it 100x better than anything else available.

Teflon0241d ago

Steam is overall fine., Innovation won't change the situation. Companies get greedy and want to steal ideas all the time. Everything caters to steam. Everyone with steam has hundreds of games on it. Way better sales. Etc. Uplay honestly is the only other I like and it's because the unique achievement system that can get you DLC free etc. I love that idea. But everything else is just basic trash that forces you to use it. MS Store could be the only threat, but won't be with garbage sales. Alot of people avoiding Windows 10, Windows store games won't even work with my PS4 control even though I'll buy the same game on steam and it will specifically give me PS button prompts instead of MS (Cuphead is a prime example, it literally has PS buttons in game if you decide to use a ps4 control). I get the idea, but all these companies are so busy trying to push a specific agenda while steam is just trying to give everyone as much games as they can possibly get with the most support possible.

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The story is too old to be commented.