Someone is working on a Halo fan remake in Unreal Engine 4

YouTube’s ‘Sergiu Daniel’ is currently working on a fan remake of the first Halo game in Unreal Engine 4. While this project is still at a very early stage, Daniel released a video showing the progress that he has made so far.

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Skull52139d ago

Have fun getting your hard work shut down like every other similar project.

Eonjay38d ago

I feel like publishers should let projects slide if they makers aren't making money off of it. Some of the shutdowns are just ridiculous.

Asuka38d ago (Edited 38d ago )

i agree to an extend. However the reason there is a zero tolerance about this sorta stuff is because of protecting their licensed IPs. regardless if said fan project is being made as a hobby, or a for monetary reasons. the fan project will always be associated with the original IP. Meaning it could possibly paint a negative image if the fan project turns out poorly. Sure we all know this is just some fan made project, however that doesn't mean "Joe Somebody" knows that, and if this project turns out to be shit they may end up with a negative perception of the IP as a whole because Joe doesn't know any better. So publishers would rather not risk damaging their IPs.

Basically... even though those developing the fan project do not ask for money or have no intent of incurring some profit from it... it is still about money and effects the publisher/license holder monetarily even if indirectly so.

Anyways this isn't gonna stop everyone from doing it. Hell half the fun is actually programming and making something and not so much turning a profit. But i guess just be aware that if you plan on going public with it and distribute it freely there may be some issues down the line.

WitcheRivia38d ago

It won't get shut down, they'll just say that they can't update it any further (unless they use original assets) at some point but you could still play it as is (just like Halo Online).

Sophisticated_Chap39d ago

The MCC will ultimately end up coming to PC, so what's the point? Some people need to use their heads before they go through so much time and effort...

Kingdroopy201838d ago

They should have not announced this...Just make it in stealth then release it anonymously
Look at the Fallout and Pokemon fan projects

343_Guilty_Spark38d ago

Do these remakes ever like get finished. You hear about them once and then never again.

THC CELL38d ago

Someone gunna make this in ps 4s dreams and yes people it's possible

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