How to Open the Treasure Chest in Fable 2

Early on in Fable 2, right after you become an adult, you will encounter a treasure chest in the first dungeon near the Cullis Gate (where you are required to learn one act of Will to access the Cullis Gate). The treasure chest is to the right of the Cullis Gate. When you try to open it, there will be a message stating "For more info on accessing the gold and items your ancient ancestors left behind many years ago, visit" Many have interpreted this message to mean that you can import you items and other various things from your Fable 1 gameplay data. This simply isn't true. There are some interesting items to be had within this chest though.

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Covenant3338d ago

I was wondering about that chest...ran across it in Bower Cave last night.

Good information to have.

THWIP713338d ago

...don't be so hard on yourself, kiddo. :o