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LA Comic Con 2018 Cosplay Showcase - LA Comic Con was full of some amazing cosplayers, so here's a showcase from this year's show!

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emiyaxtousaka41d ago

There were some amazing Cosplays at LA Comic Con, especially some gaming-themed ones! Though I think Eto is my favorite.

rutgersfan2841d ago

That Zelda/Link combi is great.

emiyaxtousaka41d ago

nah but it's a great cosplay.

emiyaxtousaka41d ago

there was a BOTW Link and Zelda cosplay. they were great.

theflamey41d ago

I once did some cosplay, I looked more like a fat elivs

O-D-C41d ago

I really want to get back into cosplay, only made 1 so far but it was fun,