Bethesda Softworks Says The Elder Scrolls VI Will Be Next Gen Console

It's news that doesn't take a lot of guesswork to uncover, but Bethesda Softworks pretty much confirmed that The Elder Scrolls VI won't be in this generation of consoles. Still it may come as a bit of a disappointment for those of us who were hoping not to have to upgrade their console to dive into the highly anticipated next installment of The Elder Scrolls.

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anonymousfan48d ago

It will probably look incredible on PS5/Xbox Two but I do feel like we have been waiting for a couple of big sequels like TES IV the entire current generation only to be told next gen is almost already here!

HaveSumNuts47d ago

Nevermind them doing TES on a next gen, main thing that matters is if they finally use a brand new in house engine for the game. Fallout 76 is using the Skyrim engine

BrettAwesome47d ago

No. Fallout 76 uses the Creation Engine, which was also used in every other Bethesda game since...Morrowwind? If they just release TES VI within the release window of either next gen system, we won't know how shitty it looks 😆

porkChop47d ago


The Creation Engine was first used for Skyrim. Previous Bethesda games used regular Gamebryo. The Creation Engine is a newer engine built from Gamebryo, much like how the COD engine is based on id Tech 3.

sinspirit47d ago (Edited 47d ago )

I think they said that ES6 is a ways off, and that it's not just because of the games to be released before that, but because they wanted it to have a completely new engine behind it to push what they could do with it. Pretty sure he said something like this in the conference where they showed the reveal trailer.

KryptonKronos47d ago

I think Bethesda have tried to maintain a unique image of their games by using the same engine. Unfortunately its not exactly a good thing. They tweaked it for Fallout 4 but not by much.

UltraNova47d ago

I just hope they take took their sweet time with the next TES because they've been hard at work developing a new brand new engine...

oasdada47d ago (Edited 47d ago )

.... Fallout 76 is using the Skyrim engine AND looks like shit! You forgot this part :D

darthv7247d ago

Fallout 5 will be next gen as well. This gen they did elder scrolls online in lieu of ESVI and Fallout 76 now in lieu of Fallout 5 (though Fallout 4 was close to the beginning of this gen).

It seems they wanted to embark on making an online spin off within each respected franchise and next gen will be a return to form for single player adventures for each.

himdeel47d ago

And they will be using the same old ass glitchfest of a game engine and blame no crossplay for items falling through their world.

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andibandit47d ago

"but I do feel like we have been waiting for a couple of big sequels like TES IV the entire current generation"

yeah but didn't they give us that Elder Scrolls online(which I hate) ?

anonymousfan47d ago

Good point... And I hate it too!

Shadowsteal47d ago

That's not made by Bethesda Game Studios, it's made by Zenimax Game Studios. Fallout 76 is being made by another studio too. Bethesda Game Studios is just working on ESVI and Starfield now.

lelo2play47d ago

With subpar graphics why the hell does Bethesda need a next gen console to release their games?

Apocalypse Shadow48d ago (Edited 48d ago )

Put some VR in it and you might have a future sale. After playing Skyrim in VR with motion control, anything less than that is like eating a stack of pancakes(flat screen gaming) without syrup. They're edible. But you know something is missing.

anonymousfan48d ago

did you play the PS4 or PC version? how about motion sickness?

Apocalypse Shadow47d ago (Edited 47d ago )

I'm currently playing it on the base PS4 and it's fine. Using magic and using the bow and arrow is amazing. I'm aware of the Pro looking a little better. But I'm not a graphics whore to worry about it not looking the best or willing to spend for a minor bump. I can wait for PS5 for that. The outside is blurry when looking in the distance. But in the caves, cairns,etc. the lighting and detail is fine.

The immersion is the best that counts for me. The only draw back is moving backwards in some situations. But the move scheme Bethesda came up with for Move should be in more PSVR games. Even if PSVR had analog sticks, it would still feel like your sliding around on a skateboard. And I love skateboards.

The PC version looks great but that's after a ton of unofficial mods stacked on top of other mods. And you needing a good PC to run it with that type of detail. It's not something I need to go out and buy a PC graphics card for either.

But once you play it in VR, after setting the game up to your body tolerance if any, you wouldn't want to go back to playing it any other way. If Bethesda updated the last Elder Scrolls(Oblivion) to VR, I'd buy it day one.

Dom_Estos47d ago

When I started playing, I got a bit nauseous from having to move and look around. Played with blinders. Gradually reduced those down, and now I play with no blinders at all. No sickness. You can adjust and get used to it and be completely comfortable if you're smart about it.

CaptainSellers48d ago

Honestly I found the PSVR version (assuming you are referring to that) the worst version by far. Graphics are a blurry mess, it strips out features like being able to view your character, no kill animations and other animations removed from the game too. The FOV is also really terrible but I understand it's all to maintain the locked 60fps which is nice, and aiming the bow with the headset allows unparalleled accuracy compared to a controller.

Sadly I get motion sickness easily so have to turn the FOV filters all the way up to max, turning whilst having it off makes me wanna hurl.

Dom_Estos47d ago

Not sure why you say the FOV is terrible, as it uses the maximum FOV on the headset, which is on par with the likes of the Rift and Oculus.

Profchaos47d ago

They released a patch that improved visuals massively recently I'd say try again to be honest

Lionsguard47d ago

Melee in VR is pretty meh though. Without the real weight of a sword, it just feels light and not satisfying at all. Archery however is AMAZING. I felt like Legolas and even though it took a bit of getting used to the aim, I could hit things with pretty amazing accuracy once I got my eye in. Funny enough, once I obtained the skill to zoom in and pretty much see where my arrow was going to go, my aim got worse. The motion sickness did get to me at times and I'm pretty resilient to it. With that said, I do hope VR is made for TES6.

Apocalypse Shadow47d ago (Edited 47d ago )

I feel ike Legolas in Skyrim and Green Arrow in Raw Data as Elder. Lol! He even looks the part.
I've hit things I shouldn't have and have had those moments where you are like "Wow."

The next Elder Scrolls and Cyberpunk 2077 should have a VR option next Gen.

VenomUK47d ago

Over a million people will now want the next-gen to come a little bit faster.

crazyCoconuts47d ago

I hate that i played the hell out of it the first time, because I wish I'd be experiencing it the first time in VR. I've heard that one NPC's gruff voice too many times and it now grates on me lol. I will be getting back to it in VR after I catch up with some other games though. BTW, about the syrup, after playing FWZH I played BF1 for a bit and was irritated that I couldn't turn my head quickly while running into a skirmish. battlefield in VR would be amazing

Apocalypse Shadow47d ago (Edited 47d ago )

I know what you mean. Playing Skyrim is my very first time. I totally skipped the other versions including the one on the calculator...okay. Bethesda didn't go there. But you get what I mean.

Yeah BF1 could look amazing. But it's EA. Good luck getting anything from them. I still wish Criterion was allowed to make a full game instead of the one mission VR experience in STBF that I bought for $5 because EA doesn't deserve my money. I'ts not like Criterion are allowed to make Burnout anymore because of EA buying them. I despise them for locking down licenses or killing their competition. Come to think of it, Burnout would be insane in VR.

Dom_Estos47d ago (Edited 47d ago )

Ha. I love seeing comments like this, because it's absolutely true.

I'm currently playing RD2, and its great. It's an impressive game. It might possibly end up being one of the best I've ever played by the time I finish it. But you know what? I look around on the tiny screen in front of me (it's not tiny, it's 40 inch) and I feel limited. Restricted by the view. I want to get closer. Peer in. I wish it was in VR.

I'm taking the break from Skyrim VR at the moment to play RDR2, but as you say, playing that game with motion controls and physically knotting an arrow and then aiming your bow, drawing back and releasing can't be replicated with a TV and a controller. The first time I used the bow in RD2 illustrated just how archaic and redundant flat gaming can be.

Apocalypse Shadow47d ago

crazy and dom, that's my take. Now that I've played in VR, going back to flat screen now seems limited. I can still play older games and 2D games without problem. But new releases, the first thing I look at is if it has VR implementation. Because I know that I'm going to feel like the game is like peering through a window. I've done that for decades and that just doesn't do it for me any more.

I can't see myself playing in front of a television for another 40 years. I've waited for VR for over 30 years. Now that it's here, I'm going to enjoy it until I can't.

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T1125P47d ago

This better have ray racing tech as well. For PC of course.

MWH47d ago

It will eat the framerate like wild fire in a hay field. RT is still a gen or two from being practicle.

Gridknac47d ago

No thanks, I would rather have the 4k 60fps.

Eldyraen47d ago (Edited 47d ago )

People that are downvoting don’t seem to realize it’s an option you don’t have to use? Disable it and 4K/60. In a few more years enable it and get that much better lighting as ES games have super long legs that can be played for years via mods.

By time it’s even out they might have a much better ray tracing enabled card too.

Pete Hines I believe said to expect their big games to launch about as often as they used to (Oblivion->F3->Skyrim-&g t;F4->F76) which means even after Starfield we will have years to go for ES. ES6 might be late next gen in other words. Next Fallout? Even later (next, next gen?), if not their last next gen title (so about 9 years out possibly going by his quote).

New Engine might be able to speed it up though if they future proof whatever Starfield will be using. They still need a lot of time to populate their worlds though with everything they throw in them.

akurtz47d ago

New gen calls for a new engine Beth

Good-Smurf47d ago

The game will be next gen console?!
I think there's a typo...

SegaGamer47d ago

The way it is written makes it seem like the next Elder Scrolls game is going to be a next gen console rather than a next gen game XD

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