PS4's 'Next Wave' of Exclusive Games Has Us Excited

Kinda Funny's Greg Miller returns for a packed episode of discussion about RDR2, Days Gone, and more.

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Vandamme2946d ago

I’m glad days gone got delayed...hopefully they will make it look better.

Jay76746d ago (Edited 46d ago )

The game doesn't look bad it just needs more polish that all.

Vandamme2946d ago

I didn’t say it looks bad...I just think they can do better

blacktiger46d ago

Honestly the zombie part looks bad, other than that, the game looks fantastic

Razzer46d ago

There is always a "next wave" of PlayStation exclusives. And those exclusives kick ass. That is why I buy their consoles. Looking forward to Days Gone.

salmonade46d ago (Edited 46d ago )

Greg Miller? Is that the coward Greg Miller, the one with the loyalty of a spoon? That Greg Miller? Oh ok, yeah, that scared little virtue signaller can go rot. I am excited for those exclusives though. PS is the place to be

rainslacker46d ago

Come now. Why make such a passive aggressive statement about the spoon? Surely you don't blame the spoon for the failings of the spork.

AK9146d ago

I agree 100% he is a piece of shi*t

AK9146d ago

I still hate Greg Miller but PS is definitely the place to be when it comes to first party exclusives

tulholdren46d ago

More awesome exclusives on the way. Keep PlayStation in my household. More games I'm ready.

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