Former Optic India Member Forsaken Gets a 5 Year Ban From Esports by the ESIC For Cheating

The Esports Integrity Coalition, the main body governing all esports including the ESL India Premiership, have announced a 5 year ban for Nikhil ‘forsaken’ Kumawat from ‘all esports related activity’.

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stuna153d ago

That's what he gets! Like what was said in another article the whole team should'nt have lost their contracts due to the actions of this cheater. Unless of course they were in on it, or even knew of it. As for him he definitely got what he deserves.

iofhua53d ago

What a useless article. All it says is "this guys a cheater and he's banned"

Well no shit. What did he do? How? How do you even cheat at a tournament? I assume mods are watching over your shoulder right?

No we don't post articles on the internet to talk about things or share information. We just do it to shame people we don't like.

Greg280153d ago

There was a article about this yesterday with far more information.

He had a aimbot installed on his computer, and when they stopped the match to check his computer, he quickly tried to delete the mod.
Theres actually video footage of this.