Street Fighter V's Input Lag is Getting Reduced Today

Street Fighter V's servers will be under maintenance tomorrow with the highly anticipated input lag improvement patch, though maybe 3 years too late.

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gangsta_red56d ago

"However, it does seem confusing that Capcom is now only making these changes roughly three years after the initial launch of the game"

Well first Capcom has to drip feed gamers these extra characters before they actually address the main complaint.

Jay76755d ago

Soul Calibur 6 also got input lag it's a ue4 problem.

gangsta_red55d ago

Tekken did also, and Namco fixed it right away.

bloop55d ago

How's about patching in proper penalties for quitters too while you're at it Capcom??

bloop55d ago

They did, kind of. If you beat someone 2/3 tiers up in rank they'll lose ~100 points. If they quit the game they only lose 100 points, so it makes little difference and people don't think twice about dropping a game. The player that doesn't quit gets nothing though. You should at the very least be awarded the win if your opponent bails mid game. I've had nights where I've won a hell of a lot more fights than I've lost, but still ended the session ranked down. There's a stupid amount of people on the game that seem to have a real problem getting beat by lower ranks and will just quit so you don't get the points.

55d ago