PUBG vs. Blackout: Which Battle Royale Game is Better?

Wesley LB writes "PUBG has a new rival in the battle royale space, and it's one of the industry's most iconic franchises. Let's take a look at which offers the best military sim-style BR experience."

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UltraNova23d ago (Edited 23d ago )

PUGB had its time in the spotlight, most of it uncontested in terms of "serious" BR games, yet its still unoptimized while stil MIA on this gen's biggest platform.

Blackout is polished, vibrant, fun and fresh(the recent tickrate fisco will be resolved soon, I believe) combining the best of PUGB and COD.

Plus most hardcore PUGB streamers have jumped ship to Blackout full time (DrDisrespect to name one).

What goes up, has ro come down at some point and it looks like PUGB is already free falling.

WilliamSheridan23d ago

PUBG all the way... I ended up returning COD digitally. I wouldn't have thought the the COD shooter was so poorly optimized for this type of game. I immediately missed the realism and strategy of PUBG

Skull52123d ago (Edited 23d ago )

PUBG by far. CoD is still the same lame game that aims your gun for you, which actually happens to be the fun part of shooters. PUBGs use of zero auto aim continues to be the best way to play Battle Royale.

Call of Duty’s strength was always the fast paced non stop action, which doesn’t happen in Battle Royale, once you die that’s it, go start a new game. Battle Royale and Call of Duty couldn’t be more different, and throwing them together because Battle Royale has won a recent popularity contest was not well thought out, which is what I would expect from a poor studio like Treyarch.

Madmoose23d ago (Edited 23d ago )

Yeah, that's where I think I am with it. I do love the smoothness of bo4 & it was pretty fun, but the realism & tension I feel works more in PUBG's favor. I mean I don't even feel a any real urgency in blops4 most pressing moments. It was like okay dead, whatever, next game. Where my heart will pound & blood race when it's crunch time in PUBG.

Really though, it all comes down to preference I suppose. Good thing there is no law against playing both. Given though the politics around here concerning video games, you already know what most people going to say around here. Where they've maligned activision and call of Dlduty for years, watch the sudden change and love that starts pouring in with relation to this lol.

UltraNova23d ago


Dude you know you are allowed to compare two modes/games and still feel contempt for the company that makes those games right? Its called being an informed consumer with a mind of his/her own!

gamer923d ago

PUBG hands down. It’d deeper, the guns all have their own learning curve, positioning is much more important. Any smart streamer is going to switch over to Blackout, where the popularity and money lies. PUBG is less accessible to the masses because it has a steeper learning curve, and the guns don’t all shoot Cod smooth right off the bat.

Abnor_Mal23d ago

THE KING IS DEAD, THE KING IS DEAD!! Or at least the King is dying a slow death.

Wallstreet3723d ago

Pubg on console was never that good imo I quickly switched to H1Z1 and imo none were better than Fortnite. Blackout is way better than pubg on consoles. Pubg to clunky and ugly for my tastes.

NobleRed23d ago

Blackout is the king of shitty netcode and hit detection. PUBG has also massive problems. Both games suck.

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