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Submitted by shqype 2663d ago | news

Four more Burnout Paradise updates incoming

PS3Fanboy writes:

Checked out recently? You might have noticed that they've completely revamped the site. Not only does it look swish and sexy, but it harbors some interesting information about upcoming Burnout Paradise content. You know, that game which came out in January but which people are still playing today? The game that's had copious amounts of free downloadable expansions and which was the first third party disc-based title to patch in trophies?

Four new expansions are listed on the "coming soon" section of the new Criterion Games website. While at the moment they're simply numbered packs, they will be unveiled, one by one, over the next four fridays, starting on October 31st. The only other information we're given about these packs is that we expect to see them arrive in Spring 2009. So after all this year's great games are played and forgotten, we're convinced we'll still be playing Burnout Paradise well after a year since release.

We'll keep you informed as and when these expansion packs are unveiled. (Burnout Paradise, PS3, Xbox 360)

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Killjoy3000  +   2663d ago
Criterion, you are amazing. Can I get a Black sequel now?
El_Colombiano  +   2663d ago
Black was an amazing game for last generation. Destructible environments ftw.
shqype  +   2663d ago
Yea, I know. I noticed that Criterion made Black the other day at Blockbuster, and I was impressed. That was an awesome game. How they could go from making an FPS to such a good racing game could provide a good lesson in diversification.
Kyur4ThePain  +   2662d ago
Thank goodness
I thought I was the only one that appreciated Black for how good it was. I've heard a lot of badmouthing of the game, but I thought it was superb.
Killjoy3000  +   2662d ago
Hell, Black felt more destructive and action-packed than Bad Company. Infact, I'm pretty sure DICE looked at Black for inspiration. Think about it.

- Amazing graphics
- Incredible sound design
- Destructive environments.
Darkseider  +   2662d ago
The epitomy of gun games. Hell I would go as far and call it "Gun Porn". I would so love a sequel.
andron666  +   2662d ago
I agree with Bad Company being inspired by Black...
It just occurred to me too when playing through the single player at one time. It was when you attack a mountain top base after you are on your own.

The stacking of explosives everywhere, the pacing of gunning and reload animation and the enemy design with lots of body armored foes.

I loved Black and would also like a sequel, say about christmas next year Criterion? LOL
ShinFuYux  +   2663d ago
well, obviously one of them is
the Airplanes.

I would imagine the next would be more roads and sections to play? I dunno.
shqype  +   2662d ago
What do you mean airplanes? I don't think we'll be able to pilot planes.
Raoh  +   2663d ago
got to give it to Criterion.

lots of developers have made great games in 2008. lots. from team ninja, to insomniac, to media molecule, to epic, etc etc etc etc etc etc


I think Criterion deserves Developer of the Year Award.

they have delivered non stop this year with updates. and the game plays great on both consoles. something other developers havent been able to do.

almost forgot about the ability to take your game save from your ps3, plug it into a computer, scan it at their website and it will give you a map of what you havent done yet....... thats what i'm talking about.
shqype  +   2662d ago
You're right. They've gone above and beyond for their fans, which prompted me to buy Burnout Paradise in the first place. When I heard about their dedication, I knew I had to support them. If any developer deserves "Developer of the Year" Award, it is Criterion Games!
Lord_Ash  +   2662d ago
Totaly agree, they deserve the title and it would show other developers how it's done (I'm talking to you Namco, freaking $5 for Yoda)
peowpeow  +   2662d ago
^_^  +   2662d ago
||these developers are so talented||
Megaton  +   2662d ago
Well one of them is the map expansion. If I remember correctly, it's a small island they're adding. Last I heard (before bikes) that one was aimed for a release this year.

All developers should take a page from Criterion's book. Freely and significantly adding onto their game purely for the pleasure of the fans. What amazes me even more is that these guys are part of EA and able to do this.
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mercenarie  +   2662d ago
the map expansion was announced long ago, its four unannounced updates
Lord_Ash  +   2662d ago
Wow just wow, I'm not even done with the last pack and they announce 4 more.
Arsenal4Ever  +   2662d ago
Did you watch that mini wideo of Burnout's History on the site? They are treating Burnout Paradise like it's an PS3 exclusive.
Arsenal4Ever  +   2662d ago
Sorry D.POST

But here is the 4 new packs they are talking about.

GCC - Game changing Content!!
DeZimatoR  +   2662d ago
Criterion is freaking awesome.
THIS is how you support your game and do DLC!

Can we have a Black sequel now, though? :D

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