David Cage explained what inspired the famous Heavy Rain finger cut scene

One of the most narrative focused game developers of the world, Quantic Dream always success to touch our hearts with their games.

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AK91156d ago

I legit thought he copied it from the Saw movies, man I remember the first time I played that scene my heart was pumping along with the controller it was so nerve wracking.

rainslacker156d ago

That was one scene that showed how suspense can really drive emotional connection. Something that Hitchcock understood well, and was a master at portraying. Game may not have been an amazing action sequence one could play in real time, but it was certainly an experience through many scenes just like this. Even some reviewers who were very critical of the game, couldn't deny how that one scene was a good show of how the genre could be done effectively.

I replayed the game late last year, and I still had the same feeling of anticipation and anxiety when playing it.

ClayRules2012156d ago

Oh my, I’ll never forget how much of a wreck I was during this scene. I was frantically trying to find different tools that might make it hurt less (I know it’s game, leave me alone) lol. And once I decided on the item, I cut my finger off and cried hearing Ethan scream in pain. In the end, failed to save Shaun (because i refused to kill that darn drug dealer because he had kids and i felt sorry for him, in knowing those kids might never see their father again had I taken his life) I cried myself to sleep that night (true story) and all these years later am so grateful to David and the team at QD for offering a gaming experience unlike anything I had ever played before. It really did challenge me mentally, rather than being a challenge on the controller. One of the best gaming experience I’ve ever had.

AK91156d ago

Damn dude he was a drug dealer and most likely would've sold that sh*t to teenagers and young kids if they gave him money, I blew his brains out and didn't regret it especially when Shaun survived.

rainslacker156d ago

Despite that, some people still value human life, and can't so easily let that go. That sort of moral conflict is common in a lot of stories, and some people can't reconcile their own moral beliefs with justifications of what may happen in the future.

Heck, it's the plot of half of Star Trek episodes.