The Top PlayStation Trophy Hunter Is Now Bagging 300 Platinums A Year

Last week, Guinness World Records finally recognized Karim, who goes by Hakoom on PSN, for his prowess with a certificate certifying him as the world’s top platinum trophy holder. He currently has more than 1,700.

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S2Killinit29d ago (Edited 29d ago )

Umm okaay. Thats a nice thing to say about another human being.

nikrel29d ago

I'm not being mean honestly. He really looks worn out. Have you ever seen people who work so much that look sickly and I term soulless just a husk.

I'm just thinking the guy needs a break.

Skull52129d ago

What a nerdy and worthless world record to hold.

DaMist29d ago

Not for anything but nikrel kinda has a point, that guy looks really worn out, like he doesn't sleep well.

Skull52129d ago

He can hang that right next to his "Most years lived in mothers basement" world record.

subtenko28d ago

maybe its just humor, what do you think nikrel goes up to random people and insults them or something? :|

S2Killinit24d ago (Edited 24d ago )

I believe you, and i even agree that he looks sickly. Unfortunately these kinds of unkind comments arent as harmless as they once were. Just food for thought. Didnt mean any offense.

I am positive that he meant it as a joke, but i cant speak to his morive because i have no way of knowing. Im also sure he doesnt go up to people and insult them. But, unfortunately the internet has become a place were fringe ideas have found an audience. Some of them are harmful to our way of living and what we stand for. Even a harmless well intentioned joke can be interpreted in the worst ways and for the worst causes. In this climate, it maybe wise to take extra care to be kind to one another. Thats all.

Its great that you made fun of him. You are so much better than him!!

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Kumakai29d ago

his appearance here matters how? how do you look? post a picture so we can judge you on it. see how that makes you feel.

Zenbaby36929d ago

This guy making a remark about how the guy looks in the picture matters to you why? Stop being so sensitive, it's his opinion, it's valid, and it is more relevant to the article than your complaint.


How do you post pictures on here? Can send nudes, would love some feedback :D

Are these rolls too fat? Or should I add some more flaps to my flaps? Seriously, I want you to be brutally honest. Girls tell me I'm too sexy for my clothes, so I just take them off. You tell me I'm too sexy for my clothes, guess what happens? I take them off, simple as that.

AnubisG28d ago

Actually, you can tell a lot by someones appearence. Do you see those black circles and bags around his eyes? That's is a serious sign of serious sickness. If he keeps this up, he will die young.

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Hakoom29d ago

i take that as a compliment :)
thumbs up !

techsquisite29d ago

Hakoom DOOM!

Yoshikiri - I logged in to say those same words lol.

wenaldy29d ago

Ignore the haters bruh. They have "no life" :P

VenomUK29d ago

@Hakoom. Hi! Congratulations on your Guinness World Record! I did want to ask you a question. Most people posting here are really into their video games and get so much enjoyment from them. You have won so many platinums and this requires a big time investment - do you ever feel you have less time than you'd like to do other things like spend time with family, socialise or going on trips?

All the best,


Hakoom29d ago

yes i enjoy the good games and ofcourse i dont enjoy the bad ones but i do it because you know i have to keep my rank
since i was a kid i like to sit behind monitors and pcs... it has nothing to do with socializing... i socialize enough in my life and i think even if it wasnt for the playstation it wouldnt matter..
the only difference it would make if it wasnt for trophies is that i would be addicted to another thing like fortnite for example or battlefield..cod or stuff like that
i already spend time with family and take my kid out to enjoy himself too and all
i know i might not be the best father but what i have done in life will not go to waste.. soon my country will take care of me and il harvest the work i have done for my familys future :)
Thanks !
i hope that answered your questions

oasdada28d ago

salam! Congratz bro! must be tiring to get all those trophies, if u dont mind can i know where u from? and how do u manage ur gaming time.. i struggled to finish spiderman.. current playing dead cells and just get over an hour max a day! i envy you sir! lol

jerethdagryphon28d ago

I had a look at your trophy list very interesting how you get gaMes with a ttp of 8-10 hours and get 2or 3each day

bigc07200428d ago

If that's you man, I apologize for the pedo remark. Got bored at work. Was outta line. How's it feel to be #1 at something that, I'm assuming, you enjoy? You get recognized? Any endorsements or any kind of benefits from being in the book?

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bigc07200428d ago

He looks like a pedophile straight from Chris Hanson's kitchen 🤣🤣🤣. Nobody will be able to catch him though.

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Chaosdreams29d ago

Does he actually enjoy the games or?

CorndogBurglar29d ago

To be getting that many trophies I would have to seriously question how much he enjoys the games.

Just think about that. 300 Platinums a year? I don't even finish 20 games a year, much less platinum them. Can you even think of 300 games in the last 5 years combined that you would consider worth platinuming? I can't!

28d ago
Agent_00_Revan29d ago

He doesn't do it for the games. He does it for all the ladies it gets him...


Kumakai29d ago

yeah? you're just beatin' em off with a stick, yourself eh? lets get your pic up there so we can rate you.

franwex29d ago

He’s married and has a kid.

rainslacker29d ago (Edited 29d ago )

He's married, and has a kid. I'd imagine he does provide for them in some way as well.

Honestly, he's not a bad guy. I've questioned the validity of his achievement on many occasions in articles like these, and he's always been respectful in his replies, and never once gotten upset, or resorted to personal attacks like many might in a similar situation....even if you weren't questioning them sometimes.

RememberThe35729d ago

That means a comment is sarcastic. Jesus, you guys act like you hopped on the internet yesterday.

And whats up with Kumakai asking everyone for nudes lol?

franwex29d ago

@remember yeah I’m sure we got it. Wtf?

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stefan_77129d ago

Going by that photo, he doesn't look like he does

Seraphim29d ago

that's exactly it. I mean props to Hakoom for achieving the goal but.... gaming is a hobby and a majority of us play games because we enjoy them. Or we're addicted to a game and simply can't put it down Lol. Early on I was a bit of a trophy hunter and still often tend to crack out on trophies for a lot of games I play. However I couldn't go out of my way to play a game I didn't enjoy simply for a few trophies or a Platinum. Matter of fact idk that they could even pay me enough to play a game I don't enjoy.

I have 29 Platinum trophies and there's easily another 15+ I could/should have but never had the drive or desire to go ahead and knock out. Even if I obtained the platinum in every single game I've played... hate to guess how many trophies are on my list but that would still only be maybe 225-350 tops. minus a bunch that don't even a platinum. Almost makes me feel like a slacker...

AnubisG28d ago

I highly doubt that he enjoys a single game. This is an addiction now.

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Gamist2dot029d ago

Isn't he the guy who won the entire Killzone suit? It was one badass suit, I remember.

Movefasta199329d ago

does he look up gamefaqs or are these 'real' platinums? That's the true question, because anybody can look up walkthroughs to find things.

InTheZoneAC29d ago

I look up playstation trophies all the time to see if there's "difficulty" trophies. Usually I play on the hardest setting, but some longer games I may play on normal just so I can complete it. Just because I browse the trophies and see the requirements doesn't mean I'm going to get all of them. It still takes dedication to take them all on.

Oschino190729d ago

Should they be locked in solitary confinement and have no communication with the outside world for them to "real" platinums?

CorndogBurglar29d ago

It still takes skill to get the trophies, even if you look up HOW to get them.

BioShockGX29d ago

Every single trophy hunter looks at guides fyi

rainslacker29d ago

The only platinums I have that I didn't need to look something up was with the Walking Dead games, where you just had to finish the game with any decisions or conclusions. And I think Resogun, because the trophies were self-explanitory. I believe the recent GOW I didn't have to look up how to achieve the trophies for the same reason, but I did look up some specific information on where things might be, or tips on how to defeat the valkryries.

There's nothing wrong with consulting others to achieve trophies.

But to answer your question, he has admitted to learning how to get trophies in easy ways.

DoubleYourDose29d ago

I'm more impressed with the players that create the original guides. I don't know how they find some of those trophies.

rainslacker29d ago

I have a ton of respect for PowerPyx. Man is a legend in the trophy hunting community, not just in his ability to get trophies, but his willingness to spend time contributing to the community with numerous guides, and making tutorial videos for other players to get trophies.

I dunno how much of that he figures out himself, but I respect his efforts quite a bit. Plus, he's seemed to have made a good career out of it.

UltraNova29d ago

Yeah I've always had the same question... especially guys creating and posting full guides/walk throughs mear days after games are released; games like the OG Demon/Dark Souls! These guys deserve our respect. Hats off.

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Garrett_the_GOD29d ago

This guy better be getting paid for this shit..Ive got a little over 20 throughout this entire gen...of course I dont consider myself a trophy hunter either and have no interest in a lot of the bullshit these trophy hunters end up playing for easy platinum..I like to enjoy my games and a lot of trophies are way too grindy and ridiculous to ever find joy in the process you often have to put yourself through to get some of these trophies

rainslacker29d ago

I never played a game just for an easy platinum. I did play several different copies of The Walking Dead for the platinums though, but I already owned the different copies, would have owned them regardless of the trophies, and would have played them through different playthroughs for the different decisions. But that's about the extent of what I did for easy plats.

dragon_rocks29d ago

I think in one interview he told that people pay him to get platinum trophy for some games for their accounts. Not sure how much he was making from those.