Battlefield V official single-player trailer

Electronic Arts and DICE have released the official single-player trailer for Battlefield V.

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playnice35d ago

I am excited for the campaign... This looks great and it reminds me the Battlefield 1 campaign which I thought was amazing!

Skankinruby34d ago

The gun drops in Battlefield 1 made it virtually unplayable, they expected you to take out 15 enemies with 18 bullets it was horrendous. If they fix that I'll buy this game, screw call of duty.

Akarogg 34d ago

Wow, no one agrees with you

Skull52134d ago

Nazis all straight white males? Check
Protagonists all women and minority’s? Check
Social justice warrioring shoved in your face? Check
Buying the game? No check.

antz110434d ago

Lol at Skank that didn't happen at all. They gave you more than enough ammo and weapons in the campaign, you just can't shoot it like a BF4 assault rifle. You have to make your shots count.

D3athc3ll35d ago

Will definitely skip this game thanks EA

blm50435d ago

Because you seen the Xbox logo Man you cats are sad

Ausbo35d ago

Na he’s probably pissed they put women in the game.

35d ago
Mr_GoolyPunch34d ago

Nonsense, you'll buy it and enjoy it you liar!

Jinger35d ago

Campaign missions that feature a woman AND a black guy!? Uh oh, time to boycott.

gangsta_red35d ago

Lol! No SP in my CoD, let's riot! Black guy and a woman in my SP Battlefield game, let's riot!!

D3TH_D33LR35d ago

I want this to be sarcasm but it probably isn’t because gamers today are pretty pathetic

Jinger35d ago

It's sarcasm on my part making fun of the gamers who are so distraught about it not being "100% historically accurate"

REDGUM34d ago

Play wolfenstein then not Battlefield.

81BX34d ago

I'll shoot anything with a face... anything!

nyu135d ago

Eh, this part is fine for me.

At the end of the day it's not actually conflicting with history because they can choose a particular character to be the protagonist. It's not like they're taking the general armed forces in the SP and diversifying them.

That's what I don't like about the multiplayer part, because it makes no sense. Seeing the German army filled with men and women of different nationalities directly conflicts with the theme.

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Teflon0235d ago

Game looks great, can't wait

smolinsk35d ago

We know what you are trying to tell us here Dice, we are all beautiful, close to throwing up over that trailer, just to much, but hey the game is gonna be good and the world is on a good path toward respecting each other as we are, but the Trailer is just too much.

Akarogg 34d ago

Too much how? I don't wanna watch it

smolinsk34d ago

Just to much political correctness in that trailer, a little womiting to be more exact.

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The story is too old to be commented.