13 Best Video Game Photo Modes You Can't Stop Using

Author writes "Photo modes in video games seem to have become all the rage these days, with fans flocking to social media to share their favorite shots they've taken in-game. Whether it's artistic or goofy, there's a ton of different photos from a ton of different games out there, and it's become something of a ritual for a game's release."

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SolidGamerX31d ago

Should have included DriveClub, I've got tons of gorgeous photo mode photos from that game.

Skull52131d ago

Screenshots are for game previews lol. Once a game is out I wanna play not look at screenshots.

Yourmommasaid31d ago

Lol! Photo mode is a game in an of itself to make a beautiful screenshot! A picture says a 1000 words but your tiny brain wouldn't know that. What a shame!

PlatinumKing198231d ago (Edited 31d ago )

While I somewhat agree as I personally have never used photo modes in games much . At least it’s still there for those that want it .

SolidGamerX31d ago

This article is about photo modes if they don't appeal to you then why bother replying to my comment, that was rhetorical. For the record I took screen shots and played, some of us are capable of doing both.

KickSpinFilter31d ago (Edited 31d ago )

Ya DriveClub photo mode was pretty dope.