The Making of Rockstar Games’ Red Dead Redemption 2

Harold Goldberg from Vulture talks with Dan Houser from Rockstar Games about the history of Rockstar Games and how Red Dead Redemption 2 was made.

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b163o132d ago

Great article, RDR2 is going to be epic....

raWfodog32d ago

Great picture in the article too. That should be made into a dynamic background on either console.

InputTranslation31d ago

Staff putting in 100 hour weeks. Voluntary slavery. Support it all you want. I’m not.

Murdah32d ago

The hype is real for this one.

TheSinsibleOne32d ago

Wonder what kind of micro transactions they are going to get away with in this one lol.

2pacalypsenow32d ago

As long as it stays in the online portion, I couldn't care less.

AnubisG32d ago

The making of RDR2; how to infest a good game with Microtransations. They learned a lot from GTAV Online.

JackBNimble32d ago

Well if it's anything like GTA 5 then expect free updates, or would you rather pay for those?

AnubisG32d ago

If it's a single player DLC, I gladly pay. I won't pay for cosmetics and the crap that was in GTAV Online like cars and apartmants and clothing.

JackBNimble32d ago

Well you sort of need high end apartments to host any heist.
By the way, I've played gta5 since release date and I have never had to buy any MT's.

AnubisG31d ago

Well, no one has to but that is not the point of MT'. They just make life "easier" in a video game world.

MGRogue201732d ago

Nothing in it that we don't already know.

lazyboyblue32d ago

Added much needed colour to otherwise black & white facts we currently have.
Good article.

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