WWE 2K19 PC Performance Analysis

DSOGaming writes: "Believe it or not, I was a huge wrestling fan back in the 90s. The Ultimate Warrior, Big Boss Man, The Million Dollar Man, Hulk Hogan… man, those were the days. I also believe that WWF WrestleFest is the best wrestling game ever, mainly thanks to its incredible 2D mechanics, and in my opinion nothing can come close to it. But anyway, the latest part in the WWE 2K series has been released so its time now to benchmark it and see how it performs on the PC platform."

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ChristopherJack33d ago

FYI, anyone facing oddly low FPS, as if the game was running in slomo, check your gpu settings (nvidia control panel for example) & make sure it's running off your dedicated graphics, not the integrated.

Found this out myself the hard way when I was getting 6-7fps on my 12 thread i7 CPU, gtx 1060 laptop - by default it chose to run the graphics side of the game on Intel hd graphics.

Prettygoodgamer33d ago

An i7 with a 1060.... there must be some heck of a bottle neck going on there.

ChristopherJack32d ago

Not really, few games really benefit from the 8 threads, let alone 12. An i5 would do just as well but I wouldn't have saved much so why bother?

The 1060 was what I was after in a laptop, will play most games very high/ultra at 1080p right now and should be reasonable enough for medium settings going in for the next several years.