5 Reasons Assassin's Creed Odyssey is Way Better Than Origins

COGconnected: While Assassin's Creed Odyssey might share some similarities with the recent Origins, it is a much bigger and better game that you definitely need to play. Need proof? Here it is.

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InTheZoneAC31d ago

And in the end Odyssey is a grind just to finish. Origins and my other favorite AC games were not a grind to finish, that's all that matters. Flashiest, but bottom of the barrel in terms of actual quality.

stupidusername31d ago (Edited 31d ago )

I got no problem with the grind myself but I get it. It’s definitely very grind heavy.
But «bottom of the quality in terms of quality»? Naval combat, animations, cutscenes, side quests, rpg elements, stealth, variation and amount of content is all bigger and better. What makes it worse than the rest (except for the grind)?

Lynx020731d ago

I have a big issue with a grind. I just hate it (for example jrpgs are definitely not for me) but in this game I see no grind. The only thing that isn't better than it was in previous games is historical accuracy of buildings in the cities (I prefer Unity and Syndicate here) but it is understandable because of the scale.

foster42631d ago

Ubisoft released a patch last week to adjust the main quest level requirements to help story progression

stefan_77131d ago

Origins was a grind. I got sick of it and finished it underlevelled

wwinterj31d ago (Edited 31d ago )

A grind because you need to complete some side quests in RPG style game to level up? Say it isn't so! They should just let you play the last mission when you boot up the game for the first time otherwise it's a grind!

PlatinumKing198231d ago

Yeah because that’s what u want when you spend all that money on a game to breeze though it 5 hours right.

digitalkid30d ago

Still haven't played Odyssey, but Origins had an incredible world. Yes, it was grindy, but the world and story made it waaaay better. Not sure if Odyssey has characters like Caesar, Cleo or something like Pompeus story, but ship, exploration mode(!!!), tons of loot and gear look absolutely promising.

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FloydianAndroid31d ago

I disagree with this completely. I think origins is the best game in the whole series. I loved bayek and his motives for everything he did. I loved the representation of Egypt. I loved how even the side missions were usually worth doing narratively.

To me, odyssey is just a reskin version of origins with less compelling protagonists and much more of an unnecessary grind.

Elda31d ago

Agreed about Origins being the template for Odyssey.

Gardenia31d ago

I agree. Odyssey just came too soon after Origins. While they did introduce new things in Odyssey, it still feels like a re skin of Origins

Takwin31d ago

First, I love Origins and Odyssey.

They basically took the Assisn's Creed idea and redid with a heavy Witcher 3 inspiration and went all-in on RPG elements.

I like Odyssey better because it is even more of an RPG and improved, imo, in every way from Origins.

Kassandra is my favorite in Odyssey and overall. I love her sassy attitude and the different wants to take conversations. It's not full-on Bioware or CDPR, but it's a nice change for the series.

In 10 years, we will look back and see where Assassin's Creed diverged from its first-gen before Origins, and its second-gen after Origins.

Elda31d ago

I like them both,Origins is the template for Odyssey.

Kabaneri31d ago (Edited 31d ago )

The combat system was much more fluid in Origins, although I must admit kicking enemies off ledges never gets old.

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