BGS 2018: As the crow flies straight, so will Days Gone in 2019 | Entertainium

"Days Gone looks like a decent game on its own strengths. Although it feels derivative, I’m hopeful for the unique things it’s got going for it, mainly the biker motif and the different human tribes you run across as our friend travels on his bike." - Eduardo Reboucas, Entertainium

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NecrumOddBoy65d ago

I'm really hoping that this game turns out great. It looks incredibly interesting

neutralgamer199265d ago (Edited 65d ago )

This game will be high 80's with few 9's. Overall 87-88/100

Sony bend on purpose haven't shown a lot of new stuff. They have shown same demo almost for a while and the reason behind it are the spoilers

moomoo31965d ago

The meta score will 100% not be that high. Games that get a lot of mid to high 8s and a couple 9s end up up around 84 - 85 like Assassins creed

DarXyde65d ago

Honestly, this score seemed a bit high.

Total shot in the dark, but I am expecting high 70s/low 80s.

I honestly feel it'll be a bit divisive in its reception, but will be better than it is bad.

Silly gameAr64d ago

Nah, I have a feeling that reviewers are going to be pretty harsh on this game. I think this one will get nit picked to death. Just a gut feeling.

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MoshA65d ago

Uhm. It's a zombie game.

jznrpg65d ago

It looks like it will be fun. Obviously not much will be new but you could say that just about every game made .

SolidGamerX65d ago

You could but it wont stop people from using that excuse to harp on and belittle the game, par for the coarse with Playstation exclusives.

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OB1Biker65d ago

I reckon kotaku and Polygon will post outraged articles about the infected kids clubbed to death. They've already gone through the 'generic' white bearded guy or the 'another zombie' excuse even if they aren't zombies.

ClayRules201265d ago (Edited 65d ago )

I’m looking forward to this game. It looks gorgeous and looks like it’ll be a lot of fun. I’m anxious to see what kinda crazy situations are possible. Especially with the fact that your bike can run out’ve gas lol. Bring on the horde of freakers =)

edureboucas65d ago

Looking forward to giving this a chance too!

Jinger65d ago

Nothing about it really stands out. More likely will be a $30 or less sale game.

xX-oldboy-Xx65d ago (Edited 65d ago )

Move on mate, I wonder how many times you'll post your dislike for this game? It looks solid and has potential, let it release and see how it goes. I wish BEND all the best, hopefully another successful NEW ip for Sony.

Jinger65d ago

I'd venture to guess at least a couple more times. As long as news keeps coming out and it still doesn't interest me I'll probably still express my opinion.

I did admit during the Game informer coverage it does look like it got more polish, but still not seeing anything in it that is a must own at full price.

sizeofyou65d ago

Likewise Oldbiy. I think it will do well and wish Bend all the best. Looks interesting and I'll probably give it a go.
Funny that some people have to keep diving into game comments for something which they (apparently) have no interest in and say negative things. I couldn't care less about most RPGs but don't feel the need to comment negatively about them all. Life's to short. And loads of people do enjoy them so I leave them to discuss the merits and defects. Each to their own I suppose...

xX-oldboy-Xx65d ago

It's a new ip, it deserves a chance - no good shitting on it before it releases. But, you are predictable so I'd expect a few more. More power to you chump.

jimbost7965d ago

Jinger you go to news articles of games that dont interest you just to tell people that it doesn't interest you? Very strange.

65d ago
jimbost7965d ago

@buttnuggets aka jinger.
Im saying why would you go to articles about games that don't interest you to tell people it doesn't interest you?
If you don't fancy the game that's fair enough but why bother going to articles about it! The game isnt going to drastically change from what it is.
I personally reckon it'll be another sony exclusive must have.

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AspiringProGenji65d ago (Edited 65d ago )

Coming from the guy who said State of Decay 2, a 67 metascore game, will spank this game.

Move along. Nothing to see here

Jinger65d ago

State of Decay 2 will still spank this game. It at least it's not just another run of the mill action adventure game.

TheGoodestBoi65d ago

"State of decay will spank this"
Well, then I can't wait to see DG's scores and sales data so I can rub it in your face

Ceaser985736165d ago

SOD 2 LMAO!! 67 score ROFLMAO!!

doggo8465d ago (Edited 65d ago )

State of decay 2 looks like a janky piece of garbage compared to day's gone. At least day's gone has graphics.

It got 67 for a reason, because it's not a good game.

notachance65d ago

@jinger mate there are lots of $20 steam early access games that's better than state of decay

Dragonscale65d ago (Edited 65d ago )

@jing sod 2 is absolutely 5hite. Generic garbage lol.

slayernz65d ago

i was actually tempted to get an xbox just to play SOD2 as love apocalyptic glad i waited for reviews to say how rubbish it actually was...and this Jinger chap singing its praises, lol. i cant wait for days gone to release

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Ceaser985736165d ago

"Nothing about it really stands out. More likely will be a $30 or less sale game."

Still it will sale and make more money then Forza and Halo lmao!!

Ceaser985736165d ago

"Lol suuuure"

Ya absolute.. SOD 2 couldn't beat Detroit ... Lets not talk about games like Zero dawn, UC4 GOW and Spiderman...

SolidGamerX65d ago

Stands out enough for you to troll in the comment section though apparently.

"State of Decay 2 will still spank this game"

Please go crawl back in your hole with the rest of the usual suspects, you're making yourself looking really bad making comments like that.

AdonisIsBeast65d ago (Edited 65d ago )

If anyone out there was going to take you seriously, you definitely just blew it for yourself with that State of Decay nonsense that slithered onto this page.

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Dragonscale65d ago

@jing, you mean like sot and sod2 and probably crackdown. What you say describes pretty much all xbox exclusives lately lol. Days Gone looks better and more interesting than anything xbox has coming up.

Legatus65d ago

Says the green fanatic who said that the definition of a generic game, unpolished, glitch and bug infested, 67 metascore turd SoD 2 will spank this game, not to mention he also said that GoW reviews are paid by Sony ("reviewers vined and dined with Sony"). But guys please, give hime some slack, it's not easy to be a xbot nowdays and Jinger is the prime example of a salty and butthurt xbot who can't stand that Sony is pumping awesome exclusive after awesome excusive, so he eases the pain by constantly trolling and downplaying this and other PS4 exclusives.

Jinger65d ago (Edited 65d ago )

I mean, I have a PS4 Pro and PSVR. Just because I don't absolutely love every PS4 game doesn't really make me an Xbot. My GOTY would be Spider-Man and my favorite MP this year is Firewall. But no, I'm an Xbot because I enjoy SoD2 *rolls eyes*

Realms65d ago

It doesn't interest you yet you keep commenting? I was told that any emotion wether positive or negative is always a sing of interest but indifference that is when you truly know that someone really doesn't care. You obviously care otherwise you wouldn't comment or even be bother to check out these articles. Not that I care but that is strange behavior from a person that claims he has no interest in the game since your actions say otherwise.

Jinger65d ago

Of course I care. Did i ever say i dpnt care at all about it? Im still waiting to see something from it that catches my eye. I then went on to say that ill probably buy it in the salea bin for $30 or less. Shows interest, just not full prixe interest.

RememberThe35765d ago

I actually agree. I love Harley's but the bike isn't enough for me to look past how incredibly generic this game looks. That being said, the Syphon Filter games were equally generic yet absolutely awesome. So at least with these guys making the game I'm interested is how it will turn out.

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Hardiman65d ago

I guess if it was multi platform or loaded with loot boxes/micro transactions you'd be all over it!

Jinger65d ago

Oh absolutely bro, because that totally makes a difference to me. Bro, I like love MT's and Lootboxes and even tho I have owned every Sony console and handheld to date I'd only love this game if it was also on Xbox, PC, and Switch. Yeah bro totally...

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sampsonon65d ago

I'm going to go into the game on a high from a great ps generation of games.
should be a good one.

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