The World Ends With You Is as Slick as Ever on Switch, but It Has Some Issues

From USGamer: "Recently I thought it would be fun to rewatch Gossip Girl, one of my favorite teen dramas of all time. Immediately, I realized how dated it was. Here was the lavish Serena van der Woodsen, spotted in Grand Central Station through a grainy flip phone photo, setting forth the events of the series. ".

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PhoenixUp62d ago

The dock controls sound atrocious. I seriously bought FFVII on PS4 after already having it on PS3 just because it gave my beloved analog control

A better control scheme for people who want to play this on their tv would’ve been appreciated from me enough I would’ve even double dipped after already having this on iPhone

Neonridr62d ago

I guess the joycons give you a certain precision that the Pro controller cannot duplicate. But being forced to use one sort of sucks since they are a little on the small side.

Sgt_Slaughter62d ago (Edited 62d ago )

First Super Mario Party, Now TWEWY does it. Games should never refuse the player the ability to use what controller they want.