Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice gets Physical Release

Hellblade will be getting a physical Xbox and PS4 release on 12/4/2018

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Nyxus64d ago

Yes! I've waited for this! I must say I'm surprised it's also coming to PS4, since the studio is now owned by Microsoft, but I guess it's because the game was made before they acquisition.

Matrix664d ago

That's the main reason why it's happening.

darthv7264d ago

The packaging pics make it look like it is in a steelbook but it could just be a slipcover too.

lxeasy64d ago (Edited 64d ago )

Microsoft also tends to keep some games multiplat if they were multiplat before. Like with Minecraft and we happy few. Plus its smarter for them to sell more.

agnosticgamer64d ago

MS didn't have much of a choice with "We happy few"... Because a deal with Gearbox was already inked by Compulsion games prior to the purchase. Minecraft however, is a good example and was such a huge purchase at over $2 Billion... so they had to keep that game Multiplat because of the huge gigantic install base it already had. Making that exclusive would have probably killed that game... or greatly crippled the userbase. They needed to keep the huge user base to generate money to make the acquisition profitable.

Maxtablook64d ago

I believe publisher 505 was pushing for a PS4 release alongside an Xbox release, and having a PC and PS4 digital release beforehand certainly helped

Eldyraen64d ago

I’m wondering if it was MS’s decision or if Ninja theory has enough autonomy to further publish their old game on their own? You’d think MS might have a say now but you never know. I wonder if either MS or NT is using 505 as a third party retail publisher or simply distribution?

Just curious how it worked out as it’s the first thing NT has done since being acquired and it’s an interesting circumstance when you think about it.

conanlifts64d ago

Going forward their vision seems to be to allow all games to be playable on every hardware type. If Sony allowed them to offer a streaming app on the PS4 it wouldn't surprise me if they did that.

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Smitty202064d ago

Great game u guys that haven’t played it are in for a treat

Fist4achin64d ago

I will be a paying customer for this. Thank you

DaReapa64d ago

Wish I would've known about this sooner.

ThoedEssay77364d ago

Exactly... Yet, I'm happy enough to own a physical copy, and help support an outstanding developer.

Elda64d ago

I bought this game months ago for reduced price & I still haven't gotten around to playing it due to my baclkog of games.

Maxtablook64d ago

Story of my life... hoping to get to it soon, I'm a fan of Ninja Theory's other games and I've been looking for the time to get to this one.

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