Fable vs Fable II: Graphics Comparison - 720p

See for yourself just how much the visuals in Fable II have been improved over the first game.

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PacoDG3317d ago

Wow, a game coming out 3 years into the console's lifecycle compared with the first iteration that came out 4 years ago looks better!?! wha!?


Counter_ACT3317d ago

Exactly. What a pointless video, of course Fable 2 is going to look better.

The Matrix3317d ago

4 years and one console cycle later and almost no improvement in graphics can be seen. Fable II dropped the ball in the graphics department. :s

rhood0223317d ago

Damn, you beat me to the smart-ass comment.

Oh well, bubbles anyway.

hay3317d ago

@Counter_ACT: I can't believe you got disagree.

ericnellie3317d ago

Fable 2 isn't about the graphics anyway, it's about depth and possibilities. Yes, some games are all in it for graphics but they may lack length/storyline/possibilities . Fable does things a little bit differently;)

For the first Sony fan that disaggrees - what about last gen when the PS2's graphics were less than the original XBOX's was all about game play then....right?

- Graphics are just one piece of the puzzle -

JonahNL3317d ago

@ ericnellie
I totally agree, take Crysis: Warhead for example. It's very short, 4-5 hours max at Veteran level. But the game is presented in such a beautiful way I can forgive that! It's the same with Fable II, graphics may not be the best we've ever seen, nor is it the biggest leap in graphics, but it's the feeling I get when playing Fable that's just awesome! :D

aliveinboston3317d ago (Edited 3317d ago )

Fable II graphics are an embarrassment to the 360 which is capable of so much more.

On the other hand, they significantly improved the broken gameplay of the original and from that stand point it's reassuring that there's stuff out there that's fresh, different, and thought provoking to break the nearly endless monotony of space marine shooters.

Aquanox3317d ago

Why are they showing the worst possible scenes of Fable II ?

Why not showing the snowy town (just at the beginning) or the forest in daytime :S

mikeslemonade3317d ago

Graphics are important. I think the Wii fans in 2006 who said graphics are good enough are eating back there words, and do you see any true Wii fans defending the Wii in the forumes? No, they're all gone. Graphics are one piece of the puzzle and if your graphics aren't to par then your game isn't complete. That is why it isn't getting perfect scores. Also the physics, animations, and AI usually go together. When the game sucks vuisually the physics, animations, and AI usually suck too.

And PS2 had the game with the best graphics last generation with God of War 2. No xbox game looks better than God of War 2.

mikeslemonade3317d ago

Having bad graphics is like writing an essay and forgetting to hit the spell check button and checking grammar mistakes. If the content is good but the grammar is bad your not getting an A on that paper. The sameway is for games if you don't polish your game it's not going to get a perfect score.

Time_Is_On_My_Side3317d ago

If you think game-play is 100% of the experience then pick up a Nintendo Wii that console is all about game-play. Nothing brings you closer to slashing a sword to playing golf. As for the others the PlayStation 3 and XBOX 360 cost $399.99 graphics better be up there.

The PlayStation 3 always get bashed because people keep thinking graphics are better on the XBOX 360. Now when an exclusive title comes out for the XBOX 360 it isn't about graphics. I do believe game-play is important, but graphics do play an important role too. Otherwise I would have a Wii where it's only about game-play.

LazyDevs3317d ago

With this is a terrible port and the ps3 was the lead, i will not buy this crap, if the dev's are going to be lazy then they will not get my money. Ohhh thats right this is a 360 exclusive well and pc.

ind13316d ago

Graphics do matter if you've paid for it.

Of course if you buy a PS3 and are promised high definition, crisp clear graphics, thats what you want to see. I see the Wii as an innovative console and thats all. Do remember, the Wii is new-gen, not next-gen. All Wii owners and what not would love to have HD graphics which will happen in the future, but its not hard to deal with last-gen graphics, because a good game is a good game. Zelda was fantastic, did it look effing superb? Hell no, but I've had more fun with that then 80% of the Xbox 360 games I own. The 20% being Lost Odyssey and Halo 3 online.

Fable 2 doesn't look AMAZING, but its definitley beautiful. I'm all for these types of graphics. I mean, millions of people play World of Warcraft and games like Counter-Strike: 1.6, but are there graphics nice? Nope, World of Warcrafts graphics are all cheesey and plain, whilst CS: 1.6's graphics are just plain old and outdated. But, their some of the best PC games to be made.

MiloGarret3316d ago

Boston! Man I fücking love that city, favourite place in the US! Hope to go back someday.

Off topic? Lol.

Halochampian3316d ago

that is one terrible simile.

A better one would be: Graphics like writing an essay and not laminating it before turning it in. It makes it look pretty but wont effect your grade any.

dantesparda3316d ago

The place i grew up in, the place where Im from. But yeah, I've been saying this game has weak graphics for a while now. And the content looks weak too.

Bangladesh3316d ago

You PS3 fanboys are hilarious. The truth is, Fable 2 is awe inspiring in certain areas, and average in other areas. But Fable 2 utterly destroys Fable 1 in the graphics arena wholly. I've got both.

ericnellie3316d ago

Did you not read what I wrote? I said graphics are "just one piece of the puzzle". There are a bunch of things that are important in making a good game;)
Why don't you go pick up a Wii;)

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JonahNL3317d ago

Fable II is definitely more detailed and has more graphical effects, but the overall difference isn't that big IMO. Looks like they polished up the engine a bit, but that's it... Expected more, I'll just wait for the PC version! :D

3317d ago
navyguy213317d ago

Fable 2 has to be played to be appreciated!! There are so many things to do, and so much depth than any RPG that ive played to date. Im not saying its the BEST RPG, but it is among the best. And graphically, it is a BIG LEAP. Just get the game, and explore some of the caves and'll change your mind ;)

JonahNL3317d ago (Edited 3317d ago )

@ arrrgh
[Source please? Didn't knew that.]
Found it:
Still, I don't think it's that much of an improvement over the first Fable. It could have been much more, just look at Gears of War. Anyway, let's move on...

@ navyguy21
Unfortunately I have to wait for the PC version, since I don't have a XBOX 360. Have considered getting it many times though, especially for Gears of War 2! And I believe ya, I enjoyed the first one! :D Love it! If the graphics don't do it, the music, atmosphere and endless possibilities will!

freddukes3317d ago

I am a software developer who designs applications in C++... I'm here to clear up a few things about engines..

1. They're virtually ALL written in C++ (In fact, find me one that isn't)... C++ compiles to assembly language which is "machine type" language which cannot be read - it'd be pretty pointless allowing others to take your engine without making money from it...

2. Engines don't have much to do with the detail of graphics - they only run the compiled models. It is up to the creator of the models to make them detailed - I don't know much about modelling myself so I can't go into much detail here..

3. Engines are basically the "Bare Bones" behind any game... It define the GUI Toolkit (Graphical user interface) and hosts MANY mathematical functions and lots of inbuilt algorithms and such to use assembled code in the form of models, materials, maps etc. They do not in no way shape or form define game design, graphics, sound, game play, story etc etc... What they allow things to do is allow for key inputs, automatically use assembled compiled code in the form of models, materials, maps, sounds and embed them into a GUI kit to display on screen using mathematical functions to work out what to display to the player. All game play and story line is done USING the engine, but writing a completely new source.

4. Take the Source engine for example... This is my preferred engine which I use to do a lot of my game design in. Many of you will know that the "Orange Box" bought to life a new Source Engine (Half Life 2 episode 1, episode 2, TF2, DOD:S, portal etc etc)... The engine claimed to be a "complete" re-work - however, only few minor things were changed such as the ways we can add entities into the game and spawn certain entities and load up memory locations from the DLL files. None of these had ANY impact on graphics, sound OR storyline what-so-ever. The fact that HLE1 had better graphics than HL2 was down to more detailed textures as modern PC's can now handle the load easier.

5. Another thing which people mess up on these forums is how easy people think it is to "port" one game over from Microsoft XBox 360 to the PS3 or vice versa... Some of you may know that PS3 uses a graphics engine called OpenGL (the Open source graphics engine which *Unix type systems use to interact with the graphics hardware)... However.. Microsoft being... Well.. Microsoft... Uses DirectX which is a Microsoft only application. These 2 different engines are that... They're completely different engines... It's like writing code in the Source Engine, then re-writing it to work in the Unreal engine... It's a lot more work then just a magical button called "Port"... DirectX will most likely be concentrated on more since it is also the base for any Windows PC machine - which is why most games are only compatible with Windows, NOT Linux or Mac...

Just thought I had to clear things up...

Thank you for reading


MiloGarret3316d ago

And thank you for writing freddukes!

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thor3317d ago

Hmm.. this only serves as a reminder of how good fable 1 looked (is that from the PC version?)

Fable 2 really isn't leaps and bounds better.

jtorry3317d ago

Fable footage is taken from the downloadable version (Xbox Originals) running on the Xbox 360.

Yoma3317d ago

No differenses. just a ported and remade fable

enjoi1873317d ago

Yep and it still outsells ps3tard games

dkgshiz3317d ago

could care less, MGS4 my little friend.

air13317d ago

almost all games on the 360 sell better then the ps3 games. hell, even too human sold better than 90% of ps3 games...

FailStation33317d ago


first of all, "could care less"? "could"

saying you COULD care less implies that you could care less than you already do, implying you do care.

MORON LMFAO. it's COULDN'T care less. "COULDN'T" as in COULD NOT. lmfao. what a moron u must be!

second, "MGS4"? what about it? that movie no one bought? that? what does that have to do with fable? you see, fable is an actual GAME.

look into it ;)

Kleptic3317d ago

why do you idiots think sales have anything to do with how good a game is?...

So the Backstreet boys are one of the greatest bands of all time then right?...

the game is apparently really good...awesome...but there is no denying that it looks like a PS2 could run it...seriously God of War 2 looks every bit as good technically as Fable 2...

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