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Submitted by PrivateRyan 2663d ago | news

Gears Of War 2 gets 9/10 in OXM

OXM UK has reviewed Gears of War 2 and given it 9/10.

The review is in the latest issue of OXM UK, which has gone on sale today, and they say "we reckon it's the biggest blockbuster you'll see this year." (Gears of War 2, Xbox 360)

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LTC  +   2663d ago
9/10 from an Xbox magazine for Gears2 isnt looking good.
AngryHippo  +   2663d ago
lol i will remember..... say exactly the same thing when resistance 2 launches. OXM give honest reviews in my book, and 9/10 is an excellent score. I dont know what your idea of a good score is.
Sony Rep  +   2663d ago
I recall people saying that Resistance 2 wasn't sh!t compared to Gears 2, and that Gears will pwn all this holiday. A 9/10 for Resistance is just proving you Xbutz wrong.

For such a big title, the flagship title for the 360, this score is disappointing.

Not even a 9.5,9.1, 9.2, 9.3, 9.4?? LOL LMAO

X-butz, assed out, again. Gears 1.5 confirmed.

Note: I am in the Resistance 2 beta, and it rocks! Fun competitive online and co-op. The campaign will be the iceing on the cake, baby. Can't wait!! Bigger improvement over Resistance 1. The weapons and gameplay are much more refined and FUN.

@dro: Nah. Eurogamer gave the first one an 8/10. So, Gears 2 will probably get the same score or a 7. LMAO.

@Sena Kobayakawa: Do you remember all the 10's Halo got? I sure do. Anything less is a disappointment, especially for a flagship title. Don't forget, this is also the OFFICIAL XBOX MAGAZINE.
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dro  +   2663d ago

i was expecting a 10 from them!!!! this shows gears wll be getting loads 8 from reviews. but eurogamer will give it a 10
Sena Kobayakawa  +   2663d ago
Take Notes people.
sonyrep wrote:
"For such a big title, the flagship title for the 360, this score is disappointing."

9/10 is dissapointing now

WTF is going on in your head?

this isnt even funny , I dont feel like writing the MAX SPEED line on this one
Sir_Ken_Kutaragi  +   2663d ago
Well that means...
...the P.C version out next year will get a 10/10!!! ;-D
I'll wait for the Better P.C version!!!;)
(Saying that the Videos i watched made me feel ill, the camera jerking alover the place, it didn't do it for me really, i'll pass on this one!!!)
Keele  +   2663d ago
You'll pass on it because it's not like you'll be able to play it anyway, moron.
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robotnik  +   2663d ago
the bots are in fully damage control mode today xD
Lanoire  +   2663d ago
Even a 9 is actually inflated for this overhyped POS
Shiatass ending. Honestly who the hell does cliffy turd now thinks that he is. He was biatchslapping how MGS4 is slow and all but his game is even slower. MGS4 gave us the most epic 2 hour ending of the current gen. GeOW2 has a shiatas ending which is the exact same as GeOW1.

The game is ridiculously glitchy and its clear that the game is not DONE. They pushed this game in November release so they could benefit from the holiday sales but what they are doing is actually screwing consumers.

And then the multi player. Damn, ridiculously slow. I cant see how anyone can play that and enjoy themselves after COD4.

Its just not hectic, intense, chaotic and warlike enough. Should have known when its 5v5.
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Flop Runs Deep  +   2663d ago
Well well well!
CloudsEnd  +   2663d ago
Oh hell, look what youve done, u made Sena mad!
Jeez, spoiled all my fun. NO MAX SPEED THIS TIME MAKES ME SAD.
Jeez i gonna buy it anyways.. I love to chop those f*cking Locust with my Lancer...

Eiffel  +   2662d ago
Gears 2 is not coming to PC

Also a 9/10 is not bad at all, better than what I can say for Haze.
Joejoefhosho  +   2662d ago
Nah, YOU GUYS don't get it...
The whole point is that Gears1.5 SUPPOSED to be XBOX360 SAVIOR this year since all they have is "FLOPS" arcoss the board, ZERO AAA - NOT EVEN FABLE2

Add to that, LBP getting 10s and 95/96 meta-critic arcoss the board


You lose, bots.

You can rub all the flops PS3 has but REMEMBER, XBOX360 has FLOPS too

Flops don't define a console, GREAT AAA games DOES!!!!!!!!!!

And what do you know?

PS3 this year has MGS4 and LBP already, all way above 90%

FABLE didn't relieved (<90% meta critic, NOT AAA) and Gears1.5 received a 90% EXACT in the XBOT MAGAZINE, it's pretty much NOT GONNA GET AAA STATUS with more REVIEWS (LBP received 6 perfect 10s before the first none perfect score, btw). Of course, BOTS will still buy this game BECAUSE THEY HAVE NO OTHER CHOICE DUHHHHH all great EXCLUSIVES (highest scores) BELONG TO THE ps3 this year.

You lose, BOTS.
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Horny  +   2663d ago
Interesting, let the flaming begin, omg it didnt get a perfect 10.
Im actually impressed with OXM lately, they do give good reviews. I predict mostly 9s and 9.5s. Average of about 9.2
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Ps3Fanboy777  +   2663d ago
I imagine it will its a 360 game and we all know how perfect they are
Waiting for other reviews.
Horny  +   2663d ago
No game is perfect, the highest I would have rated a game this year is 9.8. Regardless its still a great game, lately reviews have been better and not everybody is caught up in the hype anymore.
green  +   2663d ago
EDITED: No game deserves a 10.9.8 would be the maximum i would give a game because no matter how good you feel a game is there is always a way to improve it.
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SL1M DADDY  +   2663d ago
Well, the planet I come from...
This little place they call the third rock from the sun, a score of 9 is very good if not awesome. Looks like this will be another great game to add to the pain my wallet is going through right now. lol

It's good to be a gamer!
robotnik  +   2663d ago
interesting boobs indeed
Lanoire  +   2663d ago
oxm like to hype games. Especially 360 games.
Dead space received a 6.5 from OXM.

And haha another 360 exclusive receives a 9 from OXM. WHY AM I NOT SURPRISED!!!!

Interesting how Fallout 3 received a higher score and interesting how GeOW2 didnt got a 10 from the OFFICIAL xbox magazine.
Rofl I fear that GeOW2 is truly an overhyped piece of POS.
JOLLY1  +   2663d ago
9.0....I like that score
On a side note...hahahahahaha! "a piece of pos".... Do you know what the p and the o stand for?or do you just like being redundant? This website doesn't care about your opinion. Try and stick to one user acccount.
masterg  +   2663d ago

No game is perfect. That doesn't mean no game deserves a 10.
A 10 is for a game being the best it can be at this point in time.
The year later than might only be worth a 9.5.

If the gaming experience is a 10 out of 10, then the game is a 10, even if there are minor things you would like to see changed.
marinelife9  +   2663d ago
Didn't they also give Fable 2 and 8.0? Are they sure they're the Official Xbox 360 magazine?
Sarcasm  +   2663d ago
I agree with OXM's score. The game is a 9/10. Doesn't deserve any less, but unfortunately doesn't deserve more.

Great gameplay, graphics are excellent, characters as crazy as ever, but storyline is good not amazing.

First day Purchase (even though I beat it already)
Thomazii  +   2663d ago
OXM is pretty HARSH on them 360 games these days man...

I aint no fanboy but i am glad i chose the xbox360 this holiday.. Fable, Gears, Banjo..

And I own a ps3 ;) .. i have the Resistance beta.. but that looked pretty ugly (same as part 1) and is pretty boring..

Though imma get LBP maiin.. i would at least like tot try that game .. cuz my ps3 has been eating dust for a year now xD becuz i hate MGS xD sooo no much choise
u got owned  +   2663d ago
G 1.9 marinelife9

OXM gave the game a 9.5/10, OXM UK gave it a 8/10
n4gzz  +   2663d ago
opm is same way. They give low score but they are very detail in reviews. They don't hide fault. I like both OPM and OXM. IGN is another reliable source for me.
power of Green  +   2663d ago
Let the flaming begin?

You posted first setting that tone, only one type of fan would make a big deal of it.

Spare us your predictions lol.
mikeslemonade  +   2663d ago
It's a 9 because they expected to see a bigger jump. Epic kind of outdone themselves with Gears 1 visuals and now the 2nd comes out with the same Unreal Engine 3 it isn't all that groundbreaking or different compared to the 1st one.

Alright Fable got a 9.5 from the same magazine and only has a metacritic of 8.9 the last time i checked, so if that's any indication Gears 2 is going to get around a 9 as well and maybe even lower.
Cliff Bull-Shit-ski  +   2662d ago
Official PlayStation Magazine was honest and gave HAZE a 3!

I still don't trust any of the consoles "official magazines" though.

My most trusted are: IGN, EuroGamer, and sometimes XPLAY(I like to hear why they gave something a certain score before I trust their reviews). GameSpot gave R&C Future: ToD a 7.5! Like WOW WTF?! IGN is by far the most trustworthy but still not 100%. The gave GTAIV a 10 overall and a 10 in graphics...are you fvcking kidding me? The pop-in on the 360 version of GTAIV was absurd and even though the PS3 version ran slightly smoother with less pop-in, the graphics were no where near a 10! They gave everything in GTAIV a 10! The sound was not amazing and the story was pretty good but not as good as the reviewer said - "the story is Oscar quality"! GTAIV getting a 10 made MGS4s 10 not look as amazing. IGN was clearly paid a little something under the table.
DISCIPLE111  +   2662d ago
off topic
i cant stop looking at your avatar Deee187 lol

ON TOPIC: as long as its just as entertaining as the 1st one, then its a perfect 10 for me. I mean if gears one kept ppl playing since 2006, then i know this will do the same more than likely. an it may not be a HUGE improvement graphically but it damn sure isn't ugly, add hours of non stop fun online and I say it deserves a 10.
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Cliff Bull-Shit-ski  +   2659d ago
BTW I wasn't serious about trusting EuroGamer! They are so inconsistent and almost alway have an opposite opinion to everyone else!

Red_Eye  +   2663d ago
@double three
And ur a noob, glad we got that out of the way.
Keele  +   2663d ago
Aw, look at the little badass.
Sena Kobayakawa  +   2663d ago
9/10 is far from the flop a few people were predicting this game to be. Fanboys just stop the wreckless bashing. I know true gamers will enjoy the game and even if they dont like it as much because its not their type of game they will atleast give the game props it deserve

Im of to another thread with my MAX SPEED!

edit: Funniest thing about the peope who are pressing the Disagree button you all own a PS3.
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jwatt  +   2663d ago
I'm a ps3 fanboy but Gears 2 is my most wanted game then LBP. Some people just can't like a game because it's on another console.

It's good to own both consoles.
Final_Rpg  +   2663d ago
I clicked the agree button and I own a ps3 ONLY. Suddenly I regret my choice.
Sarcasm  +   2663d ago
Who in their crack head minds said Gears 2 will flop? Even if Gears 2 was Gears 1.00009, it'd still sell millions and people will still enjoy every bit of it. Though it's not perfect, it's still a must have 360 game.
baraka007  +   2663d ago
Gears2 will be a great game and 9/10 isn't a bad score at all but after they gave farcry a 7 I really don't trust their reviews.
Flop Runs Deep  +   2663d ago
You don't trust them now y'say?

It's a conspiracy ay?
iMarcus  +   2663d ago

biggest blockbuster of the year? i dunno about that, but it'll be good
BabyStomper5000  +   2663d ago
In terms of sales it probably will be the biggest. I still think I'll get more enjoyment out of LBP and Fallout 3 than anything though.
Chexd  +   2663d ago
Dont forget we had GTA this year...that will probably win in sales.

Gears will very likely get 2nd place.

(im not counting the Wii Fit)
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SoulBrotha3292  +   2663d ago
i bet sony boys are gonna be comin soon sayin this is a flop.... but really come on. A 9/10 is excellent. but ofcourse they have 2 rebound cuz socom did thet gotta trash on this game is goin down in history rite bside halo 3
MiloGarret  +   2663d ago
No need to get defensive and bring up socom brotha, 9/10 is a good score and like chuk5 points out, they gave gears1 the same score. Let's just all be happy that it doesn't suck ass and that it is all we expected it to be.
Why o why  +   2663d ago
thats very defensive
but 9 is a good score. It ALWAYS was a good score. Ill let you decide who I personally think started this score crap this gen. Ill give you a hint: they quote a lot of metacritic like its the be all and end all of gaming.

Its not easy to surpass the original WOW factor that new ip's have; that given this is a very very good score and reflectively better than the first because they were up against it this time with so many quality games including its own predecessor to be compared to.
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Final_Rpg  +   2663d ago
Why the hell would a 9 be a flop! It's massively higher, it's 9/10 of the way to full marks. If I got that kind of percent in my exams I'd be a very very *Gasps for air* very very happy man. People are just overcritical. The only good score anymore is above a 10.
ultimolu  +   2663d ago
...I even said it was a good score.
9/10 is a damn good score.
Why should it be called a flop?
Robearboy  +   2663d ago
Im a massive gears fan and i only own a 360 but i find the statement "the best blockbuster you will see this year" a bit strange considering it only receieved a 9, i have no doubt it will be sh1t hot but for it to be the biggest blockbuster surley a 9.8 at least is required
green  +   2663d ago
So now we regard 9/10 as only.
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MiloGarret  +   2663d ago
The correct quote is: "biggest blockbuster you'll see this year". Not best, biggest. As for it being the biggest blockbuster of the year there really is no doubt that it will be just that, the best selling exclusive game on consoles. If you disagree with this comment please explain why.

EDIT @ below: Exactly, I'm talking mostly about sales, but obviously marketing and media presence is part of it as well.
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jtucker78  +   2663d ago
Milo - How do you define "biggest" blockbuster?

Biggest budget?
Biggest marketing push i.e biggest media presence?
Biggest sales?

I'm guessing you mean sales...?
xBot Lemmings  +   2663d ago
Not a perfect game after all...
FailStation3  +   2663d ago

they couldn't give it a 10 and maintain their credibility, so they gave it a 9 to seem like they weren't paid by M$.

funny, if they gave it a 10, how all u moron droids would have called that one.

"derrr derrrr of course it's a 10 derrrrrrrrrrrr M$ pays their salary!!!111 teh celll!!!!

face it. gears 2 will be goty. if not game of this generation.

it gears 2 gets a 9, expect R2 to get a 4.
#10.1 (Edited 2663d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(5) | Report | Reply
Deadman64  +   2663d ago
Gears 2 sales = X
LBP Sales = Y
Resistance 2 Sales = Z

X = Y + Z
Red_Eye  +   2663d ago
Well, I must admit, I didn't expect less (or more) from Gears 2.

After all the videos I've seen, it looks more or less the same, and since the first game was hit, then the second would be too if they kept the things that made Gears 1 such a popular game.

And this is coming from a "sony boy".
arrrgh   2663d ago | Spam
BabyStomper5000  +   2663d ago
More of the same greatness that we know and love.

and if you're bored:
Chuk5  +   2663d ago
b4 any fanboy rips it apart...
Let it be known that they gave gears 1 a 9/10
Greysturm  +   2663d ago
I am just messing with you...
But then what did the famous B,B and B quote from cliffy mean?
MiloGarret  +   2663d ago
Standards have been raised since the first gears, so for it to achieve the same score today it would have to be B, B, and more B. I guess.
Fishy Fingers  +   2663d ago
I've only finished the first chapter, but based on that Id say a 9 is pretty fair, it's an excellent game which is only spoilt by it's predecessor, Gears 1 made such an impact it's difficult for the sequel to do the same.

So many great games over the next few month. We're really being spoilt.
iMarcus  +   2663d ago
you dirty pirate! ahah

nice to hear its going good regardless
Fishy Fingers  +   2663d ago
Ha, no, it's my friends, he brought his console and the game over.

@ Final RPG, we'll all be buying retail copies upon release also.
#13.2 (Edited 2663d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
Final_Rpg  +   2663d ago
Breaking News: It's OK to pirate games!

Just as long as your friend does it for you.
Sarcasm  +   2663d ago
I'm with Fishy on this one, I beat the game with my friend's pirated 360. But I'm going to buy the full retail copy. This game deserves it.

And I agree with you Fishy. Gears 1 blew my mind away with it's intense graphics, gameplay, and just overall badassness. But you're right, we're so spoiled from the last one. Gears 2 just didn't have the same impact. It's a lot of the same with different environments.

Nonetheless, as I keep saying again and again to the haters. It's still a must-buy 360 game.
Sony Rep  +   2663d ago
#14 (Edited 2663d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(5) | Report | Reply
Sena Kobayakawa  +   2663d ago
Queer/Fa99ot/Homo/Transversti/Dyke/Wuss/Gay/Lame/Wack/thats about it
CloudsEnd  +   2663d ago
Oh cmon Sena, let those people be!
Dont get on their Niveau.

rbluetank  +   2663d ago
i believe it will get a lot of lower score this time around...
after the first gears, i am expecting more in terms of story,graphic(epic said that they were rushed the first time around and that this is what gears1 shoould have been" and the amount of "enemies that really counting on screen" fighting against you. i seen a lot of videos on this game and it is not the leap of faith that i thought they were going to take with this game in part two..

the horde mode
i watched the horde video. the five cog could stayed in the bacony and reached level 100. all they had to do is drop the shield by the stairs and use the hammer of dawn on all the enemies below with suppressing machine gun fire ect.... i only seen about 5 enemies at a time charging the 5 cog players... the locust queen looks like the ice princess in the movie narnia. there is more to talk about but that is all the time i have right now. okay two more last things.. lol

The faculty monster at the end is just lame!!! epic should wait for the next xboxs or switch consoles because something is wrong here!!!! a quick fix is to make the game and online game only and keep the story mode in the "trash" for the next gears... i just being honest...
#15 (Edited 2663d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(5) | Report | Reply
robotnik  +   2663d ago
Bots are living hard times.
Only 9?? So its that bad, woah, flop of the year confirmed!

Incoming flop, Banjo 3 or how to destroy an awesome franchise.
Silogon  +   2663d ago
It deserves a 7 and here's why:

1 - No graphical improvment from the 1st. Characters still look like they're made from the same model and then textured differently.

2 - Same stiff gameplay from the 1st. Characters and enemies all move around like they're on wooden sticks behing held by children in a puppet show.

3 - Once again the game is only 6 hours long, and to top it off the final boss and ending cenimatic was/is the worst last boss I've seen to date. Even worse than Karnov's ending for the NES, in which it just told you Congratulations: The End.

Gears of War 2 sucks like the 1st one sucks and if you try throwing up sales numbers in my face, well.... those people suck too.
#17 (Edited 2663d ago ) | Agree(11) | Disagree(15) | Report | Reply
CaptainHowdy  +   2663d ago
every now and then
the man has a valid point
sajj316  +   2663d ago
Agree and Disagree. The campaign in the first game was extremely underwhelming. The multiplayer is still a blast to play (glitches and all).

6 hours on campaign for the 2nd time around is extremely short considering that it is supposed to be 'bigger' ...

I think that reviewers this time around will not be as impressed ...
Why o why  +   2663d ago
though i dont have anything to counter what uv said (not played it yet)
it gets annoying that the sales of a game seem to be the defacto in some peoples eyes. I counter those guys with the okami's, Ico's and conversely the mega sales for spiderman 3 and Indiana Jones at the box office..... What about how good the frikin game is?
Final_Rpg  +   2663d ago
I can't even tell if he's joking anymore... He's been pro 360 for so long it's so strange that suddenly he starts putting down one of the most anticipated games of the year on the 360. Can't help but think that he's just being sarcastic.
sajj316  +   2663d ago
I don't think he's pro anything (referring to Silogon). I just think he's got the testicular fortitude to even bash his preferential system :) Something I actually respect.
Final_Rpg  +   2663d ago
Ahh kk, most of the times I've read what he's said it seems pretty overly critical to the PS3. Must be my luck, but I have seem people complain he was bias before... I'm not saying he is, but from my previous experiences it's the only way I can judge him.
dachiefsman  +   2663d ago
I guarantee and will even wager money that Gear 2 will metacritic out better than an 8.5. What does that mean? The game is good and your opinion does not fall in line with most of the gaming populous.
Firstkn1ghT  +   2663d ago
Siligon just dislikes life.
Cheboury  +   2663d ago
RFOM2 gets an 8?
I heard from somebody that works for Future U.S that Resistance Fall Of Men 2 got an 8 in the next issue of Edge.

Not that this would come as a surprise since Edge Magazine is usually very strict with their scoring system.

Wonder how much Edge is going to score Gears Of War 2.

No matter... I got my hands full on Dead Space, Fable II and Far Cry 2.
robotnik  +   2663d ago
And what does Resistance 2 have to do with this?
Cheboury  +   2663d ago
To show that it's very hard to surpase the previous installment.

Every reviewer has an angle from which they approach a sequel with.

SO a 9 or an 8 could still be a 10 in some peoples minds.
Final_Rpg  +   2663d ago
You forgot to mention that Edge are bias pricks. Not as bad as Gamespot, but they're getting there.
green  +   2663d ago
How are they biased?

EDIT: I hope your not saying they are biased because they gave your favorite game this gen MGS4 an 8.Well they gave my favorite game this gen MASS EFFECT a 7, but i ain't calling then biased now am i.

Its all a review, sometimes they are right sometimes they are not but we should all remember that it's mostly their own opinion.Example , the gave the highest and most critically acclaimed game of last year BIOSHOCK and 8 and do you know what i agreed with them because BIOSHOCK in my opinion had zero replay value.I bought the game, finished it in 2 days and returned it to my local GAME store 3 days later.

Now they gave GTA4 a 10.I got the game 2 weeks ago because i needed something to play till FABLE 2 arrives, and what better game to buy than the most highest rated title of the year.Well in my 2 weeks of playing GTA4 i don't think that game warrants anything more than an 8.5 max and the more i play the score keeps dropping.

So i hope you can see that they are not biased but what i think the right thing to say is that they are slowly loosing touch of what makes a good game in their quest to be really critical in the face of other credible reviewers like IGN (shakes head because they also gave GTA4 a 10).

Aha the post man just arrives at my door with my copy of FABLE 2.Good by GTA4 and good bye N4G for a few hours.
#18.4 (Edited 2663d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
LuvBurger  +   2663d ago
Not that this
Has anything to do with Gears of War 2, which I pre-paid for yesterday and cannot wait to get my dirty little mitts on, but since you brought up R2 and Edge Magazine possibly giving it an 8, keep in mind that they gave R:FOM a 7.
Cheboury  +   2663d ago
You lucky you! Fable II got me in its grip... so much that I wouldn't mind if GOW 2 is postponed to 2009!

Love it, all the way! The music is so captivating!
Final_Rpg  +   2663d ago
Correct me if I'm wrong but did Edge give Halo 3 a 10 or did edge give halo 3 a 10? Any reviewer that can give Halo 3 a 10 and then give MGS4 an 8 is bias in my opinion.
iHEARTboobs  +   2663d ago
Fable and Bioshock
I'm planning on getting Bioshock for my PS3 but used because of the lack of replay value that I think it might have. Same thing with Dead Space. As for Fable, i'm not really that into RPG's, is this the type of game that I might enjoy? I mean, is it easy on RPG noobs?
KingDizzi  +   2663d ago
Good score, not anything special though considering how many games this year have got 10's.
sajj316  +   2663d ago
I have high expectations from this game in the campaign department ... anything less than 9 would be considered a blow to Epic and Dude Huge. Don't get me wrong here. I have wasted more time on Gears than any multiplayer game. I don't think they'll screw up the multiplayer and I know a majority of those glitches will get fixed sooner rather than later. Although ... you've got to admit ... seeing the Long Jump glitch and Mounts are just killing me. They should have fixed those issues by now!
pp  +   2663d ago
Talking of FLOPS socom ring any bells .jealous droids i feel sorry for you lot i really do know go back and crawl under the rocks that you came from.
Jandre02  +   2663d ago
look at your whole year of exclusives
TheDeadMetalhead  +   2663d ago
We don't have to deal with this little kid in our forums. De-bubble pp as much as you can!
Deadman64  +   2663d ago
Your forums? This is a 360 Related Story.
sonyfanonly  +   2663d ago
we knew it was going to be the best on the 360 but see thats all you gor is one 9/10 this holiday season

look at the ps3


LeGenDx  +   2663d ago
nonAsianDroid  +   2663d ago
*CONFIRMED* you droids must don't know the meaning of a FLOP

Jock  +   2663d ago
Im a PS3 fanboy but I can agree that Gears will most likely outsell RFOM2 but you'll be just stupid to think that GoW2 will be the better game...

RFOM2 Camapaign mode is twice the length of Gears plus 60 player Online..comapare to "5 VS 5"

8 player Co-op....just to name a
LeGenDx  +   2663d ago
resistance 2 beta is fawking amazing
an its just a beta ? wtf dude. best game i played in awhile (besides mgs4 and co4 multi player) and the best thing about it is... ITS LAG FREE !
Why o why  +   2663d ago
the only negative thing ill say
is that this game would of been longer if they'd made it on 2 disks. Sequels are normally longer than their predecessors so it can only lead me to believe that the media size was not enough. Improved graphics visuals, physics and a lack of black hole compression means this game was ALWAYS going to need more space to truly be B,B and more B imo.
Jock  +   2663d ago
i swear some of these comments are funny as hell....well it looks like Gears didn't Flop like many had hoped , but then again it's just one review and it's from an Xbox magazine so we'll see how it fares in the coming days

but I still think RFOM2 will come out on top this time...
divideby0  +   2663d ago
good score, I am suprised it didnt score higher..especially from the source
robotnik  +   2663d ago
dragon ball Z DROIDS  +   2663d ago
sure you are realy into this war arnt you. it matters that much lol.
i come on here for a joke. you come on here as if you bet your life on the out come of sony and ps brand
LeGenDx  +   2663d ago
lol @ 12.1
isnt there a droid in dbz name like droid 1,2,3,4,5,6 etc
dragon ball Z DROIDS  +   2663d ago
an'droid' 17
an'droid' 18
an'droid' 19
we owned them again!!
ezcex  +   2663d ago
dbz droid
please remove the dbz title from your name. your making a great anime look bad. you say you come on just for a joke but in the end you say "we" guess you pwnd yourself there. btw i came on just to pwn you
dragon ball Z DROIDS  +   2663d ago
i said i came on for a joke. but the other guy just pwned them so did i so the tence 'we' must be said

please view my bio for full inrolements in dbz
cr33ping_death  +   2663d ago
sweet good score :) but hopefully they patch the game, after seeing all those damn glitches it makes me worry that a bunch of @ssholes are going to ruin the game and boost up the way they did with the first one.
Andras84  +   2663d ago
It's not a perfect 10??? what world are we living in????? / sarcasm.
ultimolu  +   2663d ago
My prediction was correct.
It's a good score regardless.
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