Assassin's Creed Odyssey Review: RPG Perfected | Terminal Gamer

TG writes: Assassin's Creed Odyssey releases to early access on Tuesday, but we have been deep into the Grecian world of 431BC for a while. Is the journey worth your time and hard earned cash or is it best buried in the past?

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TerminalGamer176d ago

I hope red Dead Redemption 2 matches this game's world, map, and story. The GOTY contest is shaping up to be epic.

cooperdnizzle175d ago

This will not even be mentioned in the game of the year. And red dead will kill this.

starchild176d ago

Sounds like something I would really enjoy. Well written review. Can't wait to get the game.

PoopsMcGee176d ago

The label RPG is completely meaningless now...

TheOptimist176d ago

RPG- side quests, uninspired skill trees, extremely shallow branching dialogues.... Stamp of RPG.

bigmalky176d ago

Stamp of western RPG lite.

Nicknasty175d ago

I agree with you when its come to most other rpg games, but not this one. There is something different about this one. It's more enjoyable and much more satisfying of an rpg style game. It still feels more like an adventure type game with great balance.

pietro1212175d ago

bigmalky that's funny that you say that considering most WRPGs has better progression systems, better choices and side quest.

Nicknasty175d ago

Been playing since last Wednesday and it's easily one of the best AC games out there. Better than origins for sure!

They really listened to the fans this time around and tried to add and perfect everything that makes up for a good AC game!

Hardiman175d ago

That's great because I loved Origins so it looks like I'll really enjoy Odyssey! Looking forward to Thursday night!

jc12175d ago

10 out of 10 huh? I dont believe it.