5 RPG Series That Need A Reboot

With tons of RPG titles covering nearly every game console or system today, it's not too difficult to come across one that's truly memorable in its own right. However, there are some series that seem to stick with us long after their arrival - and in some way we're hoping they'll make a swift comeback to the modern era.

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NewMonday50d ago

- Suikoden
- Tales (Project Prelude Rune is kinda an unofficial reboot by Baba at SE)

DJK1NG_Gaming50d ago

Sony will never reboot their Japanese IP which is ashame or they will do what they are doing with Wild Arms on mobile.

Square Enix could reboot Chrono or make new game but low chance of that happen unless they give Tokyo RPG Factory a large budget to remake Chrono Trigger. SMRPG will also be a very low chance. Either way Mario & Luigi series is the future of Mario RPG.

Mother series getting a reboot is low. Unless Nintendo find someone to lead it bevause the creator been left ages ago.

50d ago
Fullmetalevolust50d ago

Shining Force
Star Ocean
New Chrono entry
Landstalkers/LadyStalkers/Dar kSavior/Time Stalker series
Wild Arms
Dark Cloud
Secret of Mana
Shining in the darkness/the holy ark.

ludicrous50d ago

I thought they just did a remake of secret of mana?

With that said, those are all good rpg choices you made. Love some more landstalker myself (they did make the Timestalker with Nigel in it, but i never get to play it).

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The story is too old to be commented.