Assassins' Creed: Odyssey review: Ubi Hits a Homer | Elite Gamer

Assassins' Creed: Odyssey tells an epic, winding tale befitting the lesser bards of the classical era - no mean feat for a video game. That it's based in one of the most beautiful maps ever made is also nice, obviously.

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ChristianReggieWait173d ago

So excited for this! The conquests look savage!

PrimeVinister173d ago

It's worthwhile to play almost any way ya want. Combat or sneaky-breeki.

obscurenamedigit173d ago

Let's just hope it runs at a little over 30fps on PC this time!

PrimeVinister173d ago

I played on X1X at 4K and it was acceptable. I am guessing it will be punishing for GPUs at higher settings.

obscurenamedigit173d ago

That's good, but last time it was the cpu that was put under stress.

Hungryalpaca173d ago

I ran origins at 90fps at 1440p. Dunno what you’re talking about.

Smokehouse173d ago

“Hits a homer”

PrimeVinister173d ago

Thanks, man.
Gotta pay respect to the classics 😂

Thundercat77173d ago

Awesome! Will totally get this one.

Is the story based before or after Kratos became God of War?

PrimeVinister172d ago

After. Kratos appeared in literature around 3-400 years before ACOd is set.

DrumBeat173d ago

Another glowing review. Excellent.