Tales of Symphonia vs Final Fantasy X

Tales of Symphonia and Final Fantasy X have been compared a lot. Let's do it one more time.

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Prettygoodgamer48d ago

I loved ff10 the "back to zanarkand" music is a masterpiece and fills me with so many feelings, also I'm a sucker for the narration it reminded me of the tv show "the wonder years"

deathtok48d ago

Put Dissidia on that headline and you have a viable spin-off.

MaxiPower9048d ago

ffx the much better game but Symphonia is awsome and i can see the similarities to.why they are compared.

Fist4achin48d ago

Lost half of his outfit in a fight with a lawnmower!

That line had me dying!

PinkNekoFire48d ago

Symphonia. FFX is easily one of my least favorites. Not sure why so many love it, but guess that's just what opinions are lol

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