Far Cry 2: PC Graphic Setting Comparison

GameXtract writes "One of the titles I will be picking up this week is Far Cry 2 for the PC. My rig is less than one year old, and I have complete confidence that my computer should be able to run the game as it was meant to be played. One aspect that separates console gamers, from PC gamers, are that PC gamers tend to have different experiences playing the game as there are many different settings that can change how you experience the game. One of the hottest features to mess about are the graphical settings as gamers are always looking for the most appealing graphics to play on without frying their computer apart. Xx3litesnip3rxX from the GT forums has helped us compare the different Far Cry 2 settings by capturing images of the available settings. The settings range from low with no shadows all the way up to ultra realistic. Just how realistic is ultra realistic? Find out after the jump!"

Comparison images after the jump.

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nonAsianDroid3706d ago

Far cry 2 on Xbox 360 will be the version to get. :)

Silogon3705d ago

Xbox 360 is the one to get, huh? Please, let me sit back and laugh at that statment... you mean the version I have sitting here with tons of screen tearing, clipping, pop in, muddy textures and jaggies? This is a console "only" owners standards I suppose.

Ps3 and xbox 360 have nothing on my PC... ease of access, maybe... But that's it and I can always get a more comfortable chair than I already got, so that's out the window too.

Teh Cell3705d ago

You mut have the PS3 version, silogon. There's none of that in the 360 version. Not surprising, really, since it IS programmed for a superior system.

Charmers3706d ago

You actually bothered to come into the PC section to say that, you just re-enforce everything I have heard about people that own a console. Just go away you are embarrassing yourself.

nonAsianDroid3706d ago

yeah and look at all the pc gamers in here lol!!

not many people play pc games man it's all about a solid gaming console these days

Charmers3706d ago

You just don't quit do you. Take your misinformed garbage somewhere else please. If this site is devoid of PC gamers it's because of people like you turning this site into utter garbage. If you want to spread your console mantra at least have the decency to stick to the console specific areas.

aceitman3706d ago (Edited 3706d ago )

ha ha ha ha always wanted to see what first was like and my thought is its lonely with out someone elses words to read and comment on so to all the first people out there if your first your also last and to the subject it doesnt look different on either pic high or low they look the same to me ... but the game is great graphic wise on my 65inch mitsubishi 1080p but it only plays 720p but looks hot

EnforcerOfTheTruth3706d ago

LOL no doubt you need some glasses

psnDevistator3563705d ago

Check my Far Cry Map out.

ALSO the game IS TITS on PC.

bomboclaat_gamer3706d ago

looks like the console versions to me. i have the 360 version and it looks daaaaamn good.

eXo83706d ago

Same here, PS3 all the way. It's hard and expensive to keep a rig up to date to enjoy these game fully. :(

y0haN3706d ago

Wish I had your GPU, I can only go to "High" all with no AA for decent fps @ 1680x1050! (8800GT)

mariusmal3706d ago

i can go very high on a 9800 gtx running at 1440x... 4x AA

TheIneffableBob3705d ago

I'm doing Very High on my 8800 GTS 512 at 1680x1050.

Sarcasm3705d ago

Now THAT'S a good representation of very high graphics.

The person in the article's screenshots IMO all look like crap.

z1ck3705d ago

ultra high 1280x1024 4x AA but shadows in medium have a hd 4870 if i change shadow to high il go from 45/55 frames to 25/35 is good to me shadows may look a little bad but not much .

psnDevistator3563705d ago



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