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The Horizon Festival comes to Britain with a full 4 season cycle! Is that enough to keep the series on top?

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Servbot4182d ago

9.9 really? why not just round up?

deanomac9882d ago

Our total review scores auto-generate from the individual categories we score. It had very minor technical issues so it was given a 9.5 in that category, perfect everywhere else, thus the 9.9 total.

SierraGuy82d ago (Edited 82d ago )

Because it's bogus.

*A copy of this game was provided to FYIG by Xbox for review purposes*

Lol yeah right...who is FYIG.

This game is an 8. Which ain't bad.

Poopmist82d ago

You played the full game?

blm50482d ago

You are not gonna sleep well tonight

SierraGuy82d ago (Edited 82d ago )

Full game / demo makes no difference.

@blm...I don't sleep.

Guys have fun.

deanomac9882d ago

The fact that we received it for review doesn't influence our scores... FYIG is the site.

King_Noctis82d ago

“This game is an 8. Which ain't bad.”

I don’t know why some of you try so hard to downplay Xbox game. When Xbox has no game you moan and whine and complain. When Xbox finally have good game you downplay it to oblivion.

Kindda make you wonder what is the thought process of some people.

yeahokwhatever82d ago

its also a PC game. Where it should be played, if possible.

King_Noctis82d ago


But it is still MS’ game. And you know what people here are like when it come to discussion regarding MS.

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Sm00thNinja82d ago

Really digging into 3 to set myself up to be blown away by 4. Luckily I got the ultimate edition so I'll have early access Friday!

Kribwalker82d ago

if i didn’t have a baseball tournament this weekend i would have bought the ultimate too. Gamepass instead for me Monday night

Sm00thNinja82d ago

I'm playing through 3 and really regretting not putting more into it. I can already tell it's miles better than any other driving game this gen. Drive club is still my favorite but with time im sure this would take the top spot. Not going to make the same mistake with 4. Seasons every week as well as events sounds amazing.