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Top 20 Hardest Video Games of all Time

The top 20 hardest games of all time in this precise albeit unpredictable list. (Culture)

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Stoneroses6300  +   2152d ago
Top Gun should've been higher.
Jinxstar  +   2152d ago
Wolverine: Adamantium rage should have been on there as #1...
RKRigney  +   2152d ago
never played top gun...
Bubble Buddy  +   2152d ago
Haha. Angry Video Game Nerd :P.
gunnerforlife  +   2152d ago
devil may cry 1 on DMDM:/ nightmare was a bxxxx :'( spend 7 hours tryin 2 beat him died so many times:( but all worth it at the end:D
ThatArtGuy  +   2152d ago
Top Gun had an easy way to exploit the game. All you had to do was point your nose to the top left by holding the joystick to the bottom right and you could fly all the way to the boss.
Prototype  +   2151d ago
1 should be Mario Lost levels, an Bionic Commando wasnt that hard
lsujester  +   2151d ago
Yeah, the Top Gun exploit works pretty well. However, the carrier landings area a different story.

However, oddly enough, I was really good in my younger days at landing on those things. I'm not going to lie and say I went through any other of these games, as on most I couldn't clear the first level... but I used to pwn on Top Gun.
jtucker78  +   2151d ago
They missed Shadow of the Beast 2 on the Amiga.
Try beating that without the cheat. It was tough enough to beat even with invincibility as there were irreversible sections that you could c0ck up if you weren't lucky.

And "Die Alien Slime" on the ZX Spectrum. That game was actually impossible.
Stoneroses6300  +   2152d ago
what's FF3 doing on there?
RKRigney  +   2152d ago
I thought it was easy too.
Son of Odin  +   2152d ago
yeah probaly the one game that doesnt belong...
nonAsianDroid  +   2152d ago
Metal gear solid 4 sould be on the list somewhere I mean its hard to beat after falling asleep or puting a real game in, oh well
MountainMaverick  +   2152d ago
Cool article. I like how FF3 was on there. I'm I the only one who thought that game was difficult?
Tonys Creed  +   2151d ago
I don't know if you're the only one, but I was young when I finished FF3 and I didn't had major problem... The magic tower was challenging but kefka was a walk in the park.
MountainMaverick  +   2152d ago
Good list. FF3 was hard as hell!
OldWizard  +   2152d ago
FF3 is tough for sure.
Son of Odin  +   2152d ago
it was kinda tough...but not THAT hard
Samus2080  +   2152d ago
FF3 WAS hard. beating kefka took me forever.
shawnsl65  +   2151d ago
i don't know about that, it was OK not hard not easy.

on another note: "16. Street Fighter (when playing with Zangief)" how dare he diss zangief!

hard game to me would be Batman 1 from nintendo.. i don't think i've ever beaten that game at all if memory serves me right.
kevnb  +   2151d ago
FF3 wasnt tough
it was even neutered for Western Audiences. Have you played any Dragon Quest games?
Lord Shuhei Yoshida  +   2152d ago
I agree with number 3.Contra was brutally tough
Volvobug  +   2152d ago
#1 too...battletoads...ouf
Pain  +   2152d ago
that game broke MANY controllers.....well the Raw hatred that Made me SMASH Them..
RKRigney  +   2152d ago
should I go back and play battletoads?
Bob Dole  +   2151d ago
Battle Toads was the shizNITE. Go back and play it!!
RKRigney  +   2152d ago
I despise contra...
Lord Shuhei Yoshida  +   2152d ago
rofl expected really
Stoneroses6300  +   2152d ago
contra rulez!
Raoh  +   2152d ago
thats a pretty good list

man i forgot how much i used to love the silver surfer game
Son of Odin  +   2152d ago
this IS a GREAT LIST. excellent job here...
Stoneroses6300  +   2152d ago
loved silver surfer? are u nutz?
PS3_360RROD  +   2152d ago
Contra was a Bitc*
Hey how about Viewful Joe i think that game was pian in the ass...I stop playing after a while never beat it...
Peter Griffin  +   2151d ago
i loved VJ. i stopped playin after i couldnt beat the last master on the hardest mode. (u had to beat the game on every difficulty to get to that difficulty...unimaginably hard)
Timesplitter14  +   2152d ago
This christmas, it'll be me, a friend (hardcore gamer), big supplies of chips, candies, red bull, a NES and.... Battletoads! And we're not giving up until we beat the final boss
Stoneroses6300  +   2152d ago
that sounds fun as hell. (i'm actually serious)
OldWizard  +   2152d ago
dude, that DOES sound fun. me and my buddy did that with mega mans 1-4 one weekend 2 months ago.
Volvobug  +   2152d ago
need mountain dew for that mission!
NOTORIOUSzeke  +   2152d ago
Man I wish my best friend and I were in the same state so we could do the same.
lsujester  +   2151d ago
And your present for NEXT Christmas will be the Battletoads end screen. LOL
OldWizard  +   2152d ago
yeah man
Volvobug  +   2152d ago
DDP  +   2152d ago
Volvobug  +   2152d ago
damn i loved this list! nice job!!
Panthers  +   2152d ago
Im surprised these games are older ones. Anyone play Colony Wars Vengence? That game was ridiculously hard. Even with god mode on I could not beat it.

I had the TMNT game and I got past the part where you had to de-tangle the bombs, but I never beat the game. It was very hard.
DDP  +   2152d ago
games these days are so much easier than they were back in the day.
poeo  +   2151d ago
hah, i still got Colony Wars Vengeance, but i dont remember if i ever beat it!

i dont remember it being too hard though.. hmm maybe i should try it now.
Theoneneo81  +   2152d ago
Ghostbusters II for NES
Volvobug  +   2152d ago
wow that brings back memories.
DevastationEve  +   2152d ago
remember captain america and the avengers? i couldn't get past the section with this phrase:

"Where's the laser?!"


by the time i got there i had already used up the health of the other three fighters and all i had was mothman. hawkeye was badass. and of course the cap'n was cool, with his shield! i'm forgetting someone though, who is it?

anyway, an EPIC co-op game!
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DDP  +   2152d ago
yeah i agree...100%!
Volvobug  +   2152d ago
yeah man.
solar  +   2152d ago
id rather play a hard game then the push overs we have now.
DDP  +   2152d ago
Couldn't agree more!
Stoneroses6300  +   2152d ago
yeah i agree too. today's games are easy as hell. mario 1 is harder than any game this decade...
OldWizard  +   2152d ago
Great comment. couldn't agree more!
OldWizard  +   2152d ago
you're the kind of person who should be reading Old-Wizard.
nirwanda  +   2152d ago
@old wizard
try back to the future part 3 on the megadrive that's the hardest game I ever played(has to be the megadrive version the others or really easy) and airwolf on the spectum was impossible literally the game wasn't finished and they had run out of money so the made a room that was impossible to beat so they could release the game
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Peter Griffin  +   2151d ago
try back to the future part 1!!!!

DevastationEve  +   2152d ago
oh, and alien storm was tough too. i couldn't get too far in that one either. my friend had to beat it for me.
Stoneroses6300  +   2152d ago
OldWizard  +   2152d ago
jerethdagryphon  +   2152d ago
good times

tmnt after water was city, only place you could recover a lost turtle.... beyond that...... i never made it

what is a good game was disneys magic kingdom :)
as for contra.. uuddlrlrabselect start.
need we say more
seen it beat though awesome game. thesedays the emphasis is on graphics not gameplay. and there easy
OldWizard  +   2152d ago
ever seen it beat without the code though?
jerethdagryphon  +   2152d ago
alain storm
you could beat it....

i got quite far but just got run down

sewer shark :)
anyone reember that game which require engagine nagivation al system for each dierection change. :)
i beat it though......after who knows how many atempts
ending was very camp and lame though.
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OldWizard  +   2152d ago
Volvobug  +   2152d ago
Drano  +   2152d ago
Final Fantasy III Hard?
Well... is that because I always power-leveled like crazy? Never met any resistance in that game, ever.

Jump Beyond.
Son of Odin  +   2152d ago
Kefka is tough...
NOTORIOUSzeke  +   2152d ago
FF3 was very difficult when I was a kid. When I went to play it again I power leveled like it was WoW to avoid being killed a bunch of times.
big shadow  +   2152d ago
good list
MountainMaverick  +   2152d ago
God I remember how difficult TMNT was. That water level was such a pain in the ass
DevastationEve  +   2152d ago
I have a whole list of my own! Like:

Aladdin (couldn't get past the cave)
Gargoyles (inSANE, the levels were just incredible)
Iron Man and XO Man of War (great co-op game)
Sonic 2 (i beat it, but metropolis zone...those friggin grasshoppers!)
MountainMaverick  +   2152d ago
this comment is fail.
OldWizard  +   2152d ago
sonic 2? really i agree with ur other ones...but sonic 2 was easy... i thought...
DevastationEve  +   2152d ago
yeah, it was easy. but those friggin grasshoppers got me every time! let me put it this way: do you remember what it was that you would show off the most about that game (as with all Sonic games)? not just the rings, but the lives you had. well, those things ALWAYS brought me down a few numbers, because of their friggin boomerang claws.
MountainMaverick  +   2152d ago
TMNT was impossible
DevastationEve  +   2152d ago
High Seas Havoc (great game)
Awesome Possum (weird game)
Road Runner vs Wiley Coyote (hopping from rocket to rocket was fun in that one level)
Samus2080  +   2152d ago
I think I beat TMNT once. If I remember correctly, I didnt use codes either. Not sure though...
Samus2080  +   2152d ago
I thoguht Sonic 2 was the easiest out of all the sonics.
Stoneroses6300  +   2152d ago
FF7 was harder than FF3. FF3 was still hard
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