Top 20 Hardest Video Games of all Time

The top 20 hardest games of all time in this precise albeit unpredictable list.

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Stoneroses63002834d ago

Top Gun should've been higher.

Jinxstar2834d ago

Wolverine: Adamantium rage should have been on there as #1...

RKRigney2834d ago

never played top gun...

Bubble Buddy2834d ago

Haha. Angry Video Game Nerd :P.

gunnerforlife2834d ago

devil may cry 1 on DMDM:/ nightmare was a bxxxx :'( spend 7 hours tryin 2 beat him died so many times:( but all worth it at the end:D

ThatArtGuy2834d ago

Top Gun had an easy way to exploit the game. All you had to do was point your nose to the top left by holding the joystick to the bottom right and you could fly all the way to the boss.

Prototype2834d ago

1 should be Mario Lost levels, an Bionic Commando wasnt that hard

lsujester2834d ago

Yeah, the Top Gun exploit works pretty well. However, the carrier landings area a different story.

However, oddly enough, I was really good in my younger days at landing on those things. I'm not going to lie and say I went through any other of these games, as on most I couldn't clear the first level... but I used to pwn on Top Gun.

jtucker782834d ago

They missed Shadow of the Beast 2 on the Amiga.
Try beating that without the cheat. It was tough enough to beat even with invincibility as there were irreversible sections that you could c0ck up if you weren't lucky.

And "Die Alien Slime" on the ZX Spectrum. That game was actually impossible.

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RKRigney2834d ago

I thought it was easy too.

Son of Odin2834d ago

yeah probaly the one game that doesnt belong...

nonAsianDroid2834d ago

Metal gear solid 4 sould be on the list somewhere I mean its hard to beat after falling asleep or puting a real game in, oh well

MountainMaverick2834d ago

Cool article. I like how FF3 was on there. I'm I the only one who thought that game was difficult?

Tonys Creed2833d ago

I don't know if you're the only one, but I was young when I finished FF3 and I didn't had major problem... The magic tower was challenging but kefka was a walk in the park.

MountainMaverick2834d ago

Good list. FF3 was hard as hell!

Son of Odin2834d ago

it was kinda tough...but not THAT hard

Samus20802834d ago

FF3 WAS hard. beating kefka took me forever.

shawnsl652833d ago

i don't know about that, it was OK not hard not easy.

on another note: "16. Street Fighter (when playing with Zangief)" how dare he diss zangief!

hard game to me would be Batman 1 from nintendo.. i don't think i've ever beaten that game at all if memory serves me right.

kevnb2833d ago

it was even neutered for Western Audiences. Have you played any Dragon Quest games?

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Lord Shuhei Yoshida2834d ago

I agree with number 3.Contra was brutally tough

Volvobug2834d ago

#1 too...battletoads...ouf

Pain2834d ago

that game broke MANY controllers.....well the Raw hatred that Made me SMASH Them..

RKRigney2834d ago

should I go back and play battletoads?

Bob Dole2833d ago

Battle Toads was the shizNITE. Go back and play it!!

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